Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Hopi, Hyperspace, Cyberspace"

Wanted to show a friend my story in Wikipedia about the "Hopi". My last visit a few months ago, there was very little commentary over the years. I was front row, now so many people have came forward with their information, my stories have become just part of it. Glad to see the interest regenerated about the "Hopi". If their tales are correct, this is truly end "Time's". Combined with Mayan 2012, and Renovations in the Bible, it's a perfect fit. "Hopi" speak of a "Time" when their teaching will come to the fore front near the end, of this World. Art Bell did many a programs on the Hopi wisdom from the old. "Hopi" talk of the return of the Ant People at end "Time's", that explains all the UFO activity now. Yesterday the Japanese government announced the existence of UFOs, and that they didn't know what they were. With England, Canada, France, Mexico, and now Japan, that leaves our propaganda machine the only ones still telling lies. So much for land of the free, and freedom of information, this is such a backward country. This is truly the generation of bigger than life words like hyperspace and cyberspace. But in reality what does live in the anti-mater? The "Alien's" or ETs, seem to travel between the two of them. Many people talk of their sightings, that the object just simply disappeared, one of my own happened like that. Where do the go, were they only in your head? Travel from one dimension to another in a heart beat. From nuts and bolts to mear energy before your eyes, far from humans comprehension, What does the government gain, by keeping the cover-up going. The truth will eventually come out, then what do they do, just keep living in denial it? The same thing that's happening in Iraq and the Middle East, have they learned denial is there only option. The World is so tied together by cyberspace connections, why keep up the lie? With most of the World and American citizens not trusting anything the government is telling us, why continue the lie? Is it fear the government will have no function any more? Maybe "Time" has come for the end of all governments, with out them, their would be no wars. Why don't the "Alien's" intervene into our reallity, if they were part of the creation of mankind? Are they only like humans, just part of a much larger picture? Living in fear of death and what happens next? Seems the World is ready for some kind of intervention from above. Why are the ET"s making their presence so obvious now, why all the photos now their letting being taken of them? Hard to believe this is all just random. Looks like something is beginning to happen, thing getting lined up, the ET's putting their ducks in a row. "Time" for "Time" bye

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