Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Man Verses Nature"

If mankind destroyed the Planet, would that just be the nature of things? Is mankind just part of the flow of things, the Dinosaurs had their run. Now mankind is having his run through the history of the Planet. The Planet is self cleaning and ever changing, look at our fossil history of extinct animal and plants. Mankind will kill himself off, or by some other method, such as climate or meteor shower. Our run is so short, as compared to other species, present and past. Is it possible man evolved right along with the Planet over four and a half billion years, or was it Divine intervention? Either way, wasn't it just part of the history of the Planet? Mankind's ignorance of how to care of the Planet, was just part of the history of the Planet. What will replace mankind after his self destruction? Mankind took over from the dinosaurs, who will replace mankind? Mankind's lust and greed have taken the Planet to the brink destruction. The Planet will self heal and within a few hundred thousand years, the Planet will not even known mankind walked around. These thoughts were brought up to me today by a friend. One mans opinion, he has a navel. Pretty simplistic picture of things, as he put it, get yours now, who really cares. He hadn't missed very many meals in is life "Time". I have a problem with anyone one over weight telling me whats right. It come off to much like the ugly America syndrom. Instead of offering an opinion on the subject, it was more like telling me. This is pretty typical of most American men. Why the World hates Americans, thing going around the World. Look at Bush and Cheney, just attack never being polite, or offering a suggestion, the Ugly fat American. Like I've have said before, no such thing as a humble America, just by "God" I know it all, look at me, can't you see. Same tactic used by the government, shove their opinion down your throat. Christians are attackers, you offer a different opinion, an now your under attack. Instead of opening a line of thought, their own self fears turns them to attackers. You only attack people and ideas you fear, because of something inside you, rings a bell of insecurity. It's not, Man Verses Nature, it's man with Nature, as a natural flow, one taking care of the other. Now it's middle age fat Americans trying to tell the rest of the World how to live. We can have, you can't, it's to hard on Mother Nature, for you to have also. Mankind will lose this battle with the Earth. This country can't win a war any more, against either man or Nature. The ugly Christian American is becoming powerless in the World, because of his failures. The World doesn't care what we think any more, to many broken promises. The rest of the World move foreward with trying to save the Planet, while Americans are lied to. The system tried to kill off all the Native Americans, now it's trying to kill a Planet. The Ugly American, verses Nature. bye

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