Friday, December 21, 2007

"21 December 2007"

Today starts the count down of five years until, 21 December 2012. On December 21, 2012 our solar system will align it's self with the center of our Galaxy. Does that mark the end of human activity on Earth? Just like in the story of the Mayan ball game, when the ball goes through the hoop, the opponent dies, or is sacrificed. Is humanity to be sacrificed, as the losers of the game of life. Is that why the Mayans talk of humanity saving it's self from this dreadful fate. The human state, never advance into a spiritual state of mind. Is the Rapture then, and the few that figured out it was only a spiritual trip are saved. Hopi have same exact story, the return of the Ant People, to retrieve the spiritual ones. Is the Mother Ship hovering over our head like Noah's ark, in preparation for this day to arrive? With this solar system just a speck in the Milky Way, who will miss it? Mankind being warned, over and over again this would happen if they didn't heed this warning. No one listened, only greed and lust were their game. Mankind was given a chance to step up to the next level of development, instead choose to kill the Planet off. Now will the same fate be done to mankind, didn't "God", say revenge was his? Look at the Worlds leader now, just greed and lust in their soulless bodies. Never even thinking of the future, just look how smart I am, the now people. It's Friday night and the soulless ones are out looking for lust, not love and spirituality. People of the Planet only cared for them self, never gave a secound thought of what next, unless their was something in it for them. Religions had to offer great rewards, to get mankind, to get them to pay attention. the Christians offered great gems and gold, while Ali, offered virgins. Sad state of affairs, mankind, never reaching the next level. Mankind only wanted material thing, never anything from the heart. Mankinds things of pleasure, will now turn on him. Just as the Mayans had it, your cars, planes and trains killed the air, while your lust for meat, gave you aggression and cancer. The forbidden fruits from the tree of knowledge did mankind in. The Christians were warned in Genesis, but ate the apple, creating the end of "Time". Are the people from the East, Pleiadies, here to retrive their souls and save them from the fate of mankind? With the distruction and rebirth upon us, who will be the winners? Those who choose not to follow the false leaders, like in the Bible. False leaders have nothing in the end to offer, it was up to mankind to recognize this. A spiritual being, doesn't need virgins, gold and gems, to try and live spiritually. Only the heathens would fall for such lies, like pirates filling their pockets with gold before jumping over board, on a sinking ship. Sinking right to the bottom, unable to remove the gold fast enough, to stop death. That's exactly what mankind is trying to do now, with the environment. Trying their damnest to get all the years of lust to reverse it's self before they drown in their own greed and lust. All seems to late, their is no fresh air left to breath, only polution in the air. No place to escape the acid rains falling from the sky. Hope on hope is all mankind has left, the Mayan authors called it all. All the know it alls of the Planet, "Time" has come to an end for them. They were the false leaders, in the Bible, one and all, calling them selfs a Christian, while lusting in the good life. Mankind took his knowledge and perverted it. Like a Mad Max movie now, with roving gangs, killing each other in the name of their so called "God". Mankind should be real proud of it self, what really did it accomplish? Nothing, right back where it started, a bunch of heathens, with out "God" or a soul. bye

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