Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Santa Claus"

Winter Solstice, called Christmas, called the day Christ was born here in America and by Christians, all over the World. Santa Claus the ET that arrives from the North Pole, bringing gifts for the good people. Everything that's good always arrives from the sky, but no one believes in "Alien's". Thing that are bad are doomed to stay on the Earth, like the monkeys humans, in a Mayan story. The Bible talks of Angels in the air, but no one believes in "Alien's". Bible filled with many stories if "Alien's", but the Christians, are not buying it. Is Santa Claus's sleigh, the Mother Ship, with it's rain dear as it's flying saucers, helping Santa know who naughty or nice? The Winter Solstice celebrations are played out in all cultures, through out the World, the first day of Winter. When the "Alien's" gave mankind crops, they needed to give them a calender to plant and harvest by. You couldn't be a civilization with out keeping "Time", and dates. Something or someone gave mankind a Moon, to keep track of the days and years, but no one believes in the "Alien's". To the "Hopi" Santa and his rain deer, where Kachinas, bringing good "Times". Santa seem to know everything about you, how can that be. Was Santa the one that put you here, along with his little helper elves, the grays? All ancient mythology is bound to the "Alien's". Just like the "Hopi" tales of settling the World, with guidance from the "Alien''s" above. The fact that Santa comes from the North Pole, symbolizing the positive aspect as North is positive, South is negative, Yen, Yang. Do the Poles reverse in 2012, when this solar system is in the eye of the Milky Way? Is this the story of the Twins abandoning the poles? Does that mean that Santa, not coming back? Interesting that the Mayan civilization was born 5,200 years ago, by peoples from the Pleiadies. They had space craft, just like the ones circling us now. Most people you talk to any more, seem to have this feeling of impending doom. People are running amiss like robots, never seeming to want to talk of anything that really matters. The only answers are one ones the media gives them, that they got from the government. The two walk hand in hand, in propaganda. Look at all the UFO footage avalible on the internet, U Tube and Google. But you never see any of it on the news or in the papers here in America, the land of the free, they keep telling me. Rest of the free World tell their citizens of the UFOs, while here people still believe in Santa Claus. I guess the government just doesn't want to hurt anybodies feeling and say, Santa not real, he's an ET. The government is doing a fine job of controlling their subjects, anyway, just watch the TV. Does Santa visit the troops in our two wars and congradulate them for killing? Is Santa Claus a Christian and he's glad America is killing non Christians? Who Babtised Santa and made him a Christian, bet you GW Bush knows, after all, he is all knowning, he says. Is Santa bringing good cheer to the troops and helping in the fighting? Kind of neat the same Air Force that makes sure the Russians don't pull a sneak attact with NORAD, tracks Santa every Chritmas eve. Does Santa travel in some kind of "Time" warp, like the ET's, to cover all the Christian homes around the World? I'm sure glad Santa Claus is on America side, he'ed never let any one, sneak up on America, he must of been a sleep on 911. bye

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