Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Picking an Enemy"

America seems to pick and chose their enemy, then strikes a deal with their leaders. You fool your citizens, will fool ours. By doing so, that way the citizens are always under control. Iran tried their hardest and it still got picked as one of the Axis of Evil. Let Hitler kill all those Jews during WWII, let Japan attack Pearl Harbor. Brought down the Twin Towers to start a war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Got with some Muslim leader to start all this terrorism, by convincing their citizens that their in great fear of the other. They had to get us in the Middle East to fulfill Biblical Prophecies of Armageddon by 2012. This is the job of government, like making Chili, or soup, keep at a slow boil, but don't burn. Needed a enemy after the break up of the Soviet Union, created terrorism. America still trying to keep stirring up trouble with Putin, now that they have Oil money. An the American citizens keep buying the lies. This in turn keep all these black box projects going under the table. What does Area 51 have to with national defence? While keeping the citizens of America in fear it's easy to defer or funnel money to many secret projects. How much does the government really tell John Doe citizen? How real little power does Bush and Cheney have? The system was their long before they arrived. Stay drunk, eat well, call yourself powerful and intelligent, then we won't kill you, type of government. Someone or something is much more powerful, then them two dummies. A couple of slick Willies crawling around the halls of the White House. They were hand picked by someone much further up the food chain. Here, you pretend to be President and Vice President and just do as your told. Now with so many religious radicals in the World, they have an enemy for a long "Time". American leaders keep citizens in fear and the Muslim leaders tell their followers, all their problems are because of the Americans. A win, win for both leaders, they can keep themselves in power. An the uneducated Americans keep buying into this story, generation after generation. Figured this game out in my youth, the cats around me seem to never get the big picture. Who has the most to gain by keeping things stirred up in Iraq, between the different religious groups, good old Uncle Sam. The government lets the Jews think they care about them, so they can have a military presence in the Middle East. Jewish leader tell their people to keep fighting and dieing for religious reasons, while their safe here in America. Why did the World stand back an let Hitler and Germany get so powerful after WWI? The free World loves wars, cash flow, and keeping in power. How does anybody know if Hitler died in that bunker, who told the American citizens he did, the military did. the same folks who tell American citizens thing are getting better in Iraq, but Afghanistan needs help. Who runs the government really, the Military, the Greys, just who? It sure as hell isn't Bush or Cheney, their measly puppets. It's easy for the World to hate Bush and Cheney, look at there faces. A perfect pick by the real people in power, their so easy to hate, no one ever think to look else where. You got Nixon and Agnew all over again, just like Watergate. Nixon worrying about Howard Hugh's power and money, who also part of the military complex. Nixon was trying to bring the Vietnam war to an end. If a democrat get into power and trys to pull the troop out, what will happen to them? Will it be another Kenndey and the Bay of Pigs story, with their death? Did the military make their point, and no one crosses them now? Was Ike right and America is now living under control of the Giant Military Industrial Machine? The government has the American citizens scared of two tiny nations, North Korea and Iran. Picking an enemy must be an art, look how under control the American citizens are. Be very afraid, not your enemies, but of the government, that says it protect you. bye

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