Monday, December 24, 2007

"Merry Christmas, Now Bring the Troops Home"

Another Christmas at war, with a tiny few people in a tiny country. By this "Time" next year the hot Christmas item will be toys that levitate. UfO's flying all over the skies, planes laying down Chem-Trail all over the sky, troops fighting door to door. Damn this all doesn't make any sense, can't get a grip on this. Educated people looking up to the skys, trying to learn more about mankind place in the Universe, while troops are reduced to primitive type war fare, going door to door. All the technology America possesses, can't win a war. Only a lower form of human could pull this off. Lower forms of humans running around and killing, while the rest of the World seeks knowledge. The military should be embarrassed of their failures, but their not, just tell more lies. The military's got a Texas drunk for a boss, and he's making them look like a bunch of dumb asses. It's all their fault, Bush will say, bad intelligence. Support the troops by get them out of the way of someone else's problems. The World wanted Saddam removed, America did that for the World, now let the Iraqi people work out their own problems. The World is living in such a contrast now with all the high-tech gadgets. Civilians are recreating flying saucer technology in their living rooms, while the troops can't use any of theirs in combat. Fighting like Armies did thousands of years ago. Terrorism has put war fare back in the stone age, only with some better armor. All that tech shit get thrown out the window, when a soldier has to kick down a door and enters. If he survives this and comes home, now he's mental basket case, who need help. You see the remnants of this on corners, with Vietnam vets holding up sign asking for money. Soon they will be replaced by vets from Bush Sr., first invasion of Iraq. Those poor troops got gassed by someone. The military's logo should say, if your dumb enough to join, were dumb enough to sacrifice you. If your are willing to volunteer to kill, then we've already got a leg up on you. A fine line between as America soldier and a suicide bomber, both carring out the act of death, for their "God". The kids are so brain washed now with all the media blitz, you have to feel sorry for them. The recruiter are all ready in the high school system working on the kids. The recruiters got to one of my sons and a grand daughter, luckly they both got out of their commitment. Now they won't let you out, they treat their personel like captives. When congress went in, in the middle of the night a voted Iraq a real war. That gave the military almost unlimited powers of war. Instead of like North Korea and Vietnam that were not declared as acts of war. They learned their lesson, and had congress act on this, who's really in charge? Who's guarding who? None of those kids had any idea that when they joined, they would be constantly at war. Just another example of government out of control, being led around by someone else. America seems to be the only willing actor now, in this game of constant waring. This is a primitive culture here in America, tranfixed on only acts of war. Nothing for the betterment of the World, unless it's a weapon. America is just a backward thinking, simple country on the edge of the Milky Way. Doomed to take their tecnology and only war with it, like the Planet of the Apes movies. Hollywood can only portray what it see's in real life. "Time" has come to either figure this out, or all is lost on just really what. A history of wars, wow, your "God" must be impressed. All this done in the name of "Jesus Christ". bye PS Merry Chritmas, I'll go out in the mountains an look for some pretty rocks tomorrow and maybe try to talk to "God" if he'll willing to listen, to my sad stories of mankind.

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