Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Ignorance is Bliss"

Most "Americans" do live in bliss, due to their ignorance of their surroundings. People ride through life thinking, I can trust the government to take care of me. I'm as guilty as anyone walking around here. Then I started reading more and more until, just watching Bush or Cheney say something on TV, makes me nervous. Noticed old Bush is having a harder "Time" spitting out words lately, to many lies to remember. It's like he's saying which lie am I lying about now, people are tired of the lies and deceit. Before the theft of "America" in resent "Time's", you could some what trust the system, not totally but some what. While in the Navy, inside our hanger their was a warning on the wall with letters ten foot tall in red, "ALL SAFTY RULES WRITTEN IN BLOOD". A fact you could trust, now days that's disappearing quickly. The drug companies are totally out of control, they now control the F.D.A. and write their laws. Lobbyist now write what congress votes on, the "American" people have quite well proven their collective stupidity. Let the lower forms of humanity become in charge and controlling their lives. Drug companies let the FDA approved the use of Oxycon to minimize later law suits, knowing it was opium based. Rush and many other "American" are now no more than heroin addicts. A neighbor's kid is going through drug rehab now because of it. All quite legal, and the state is footing the bills for his rehab, government out of contol. As an old Guru would say, get out the rhetoric cannons, this is answer for all governmental failures. Baffel them with bull shit and big words, like centrifuge or mass destruction. Then send condo Rice out with the message, they'll believe her won't they? And condo Rice will deliver it, with fear in her eyes, does anybody else notice the look in her eyes, or does that ability come with age? Sometimes I wounder just what they have on Condo, or did she just do it to herself? Government makes all these safety rules for cars for the insurance companies, then lets people ride around on motorcycles without helmets. Our youth are blissfully ignorant, went down to my local jewery supply house and started talking to the kids that work their about E.T.'s and UFO's. They were spitting the company line (USA) about UFO's and such, said lets go to their computor and bring up some UFO stuff on Google. These kids totally trust Google, they damn near grew up with it. I say lets bring some stuff Google has on U Tube about Google Earth and UFO's and things on the ground. Within secounds they both started sounding like motor boats, having a little trouble current belief systems. Their faith in Google ran smack dab into to their religious beliefs. The kids are easy, easy to see how the government has brain washed them so easyly. Both of them skinny and frail from the the diet they have been brain washed into believeing is good for them. Nutrition isn't taught in our school, to where it and phyical education and nutrition should be near the top. Without a good base, the brain can't develope correctly. Your brain like a computor needs energy to run properly. The better the energy the better the out come, thats why hugh computor rooms run on a conditioned power source. Taking current from the power company and conditioning it, like a good diet as compared to fast foods. Real simple stuff, the government doesn't want the public to know. "America" today for the most part is "Blissfully Ignorant and loving it. bye

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