Monday, December 3, 2007

"Passing Through"

Passing through on our travels to somewhere, where is somewhere, like the land of OZ, this ain't Kansas. Life can be so macabre, fine line between this reality and the other side. Where did all the great leader go that passed through this reality, why didn't they stay around and keep helping out? Or where they chased away like "Quetzalcoatl" and "Jesus", or did they never exist? No real prof that either ever existed, but both impacted the World. Both were basically mythical stories with no rock to stand on and say look here. Like O.J. Simpson's trial, the trial became it's own entity, in O.J. case much bigger than him. It turned into a trial of, sins of our fathers, forget about O.J. and justice. Only stories of "Quetzalcoatl" and "Jesus" to go by, like a "Hopi" dance. Faith in in faith carrying people along, hoping this wasn't in vain and part of a much longer journey. Hope in all things will pass, as if were all just passing through and this was a small but significant step. Could this be the first rung of the ladder to eternity, failing on this one and there it ends. You couldn't even get on the the first rung with out falling off, thus end of your journey. Failing to see the road signs of reality all around you. Instead of passing through, you thought this was it. Why do we have something inert in us, to look to the sky for help when ever were in need. Who or what drop us off here, or did you strike your deal before entering? A little food for thought, seems I've apointed my self to try and figure these things out. No one ever seems to want to discuss these subjects, cut into their me "Time" I guess? On to reality, use to think Bill Nye the science guy was a smart until i heard him saying their are no UFO's. The old I know everything and if I haven't seen it, well it doesn't exist. Another near sighted ugly "American". The Jews and Christians sure have a real problem with is topic, my guess they can't handel not being the top of the food chain or evolution of thought. Dr. John Mack was a skeptic and look what happen to him, my have cost him his life. See where the governments inteligent agency came out and said Iran was not building nuclear bomb matieral as Bush and Cheney have been touting. Those two never tire of lieing do they, they definitely live in the now, their surely not on their way to somewhere else. Bush and Cheney have said from day one, that we would never have a permanent military base in Iraq. Then turn around and have condo Rice anounce now we will, absolutly soul less whores, all of them. The whole World mistrust them and most "American". Bush and his cronies all talk to the ground when answering questions, incapable of telling a simple truth. No thought on there part, this might just be a step on the way. Just Passing Through, thought I'd have a peek around, this place is real scarey. bye

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