Sunday, December 2, 2007


Jealousy the death trap of spiritual development, probably the hardest to over come. Jealousy happen when you attack someone, from fear of them. Being intimidated is a type of jealousy, people you don't fear, you don't attack. The constant fear of someone who you know, knows more than you, and your not willing to learn from there "Time". The bum you see on the street, doesn't intimidate you, thus your not jealous. On the other hand, Bill Gates will intimidate you, because he's got a leg up on you, that's jealousy. Feeling secure in your self, in that what you are, is the correct path. You are totally on your own to pick and choose your path down the road of life. You were never told that each choice is final and irreversible. Hard path life is, if you look at it as just a step in your spiritual development. From this side of the fence, I can't see it being anything different. People of the moment have already traded any future in, for the right now. People of the now, live in jealousy, the constant need for more and more. More attention, more money, more of everything. Bush and Chaney live in jealousy, look at them and there actions, everything intimidates them. Ministers with a large following are jealous of the ministers with a larger following, jealousy killing off any good intentions. Maybe jealousy can never be over come on the level of development? Maybe reachable on a future level, if you haven't chosen the now instead. What happens to the now people after death, is their a type of purgatory, I've been to one of those places on my night journeys. Where many in a group, pray for the one in the middle, their's no Sun there, light comes from the prayers. The World is jealous of "America", "Americans" are jealous of each other, no one is ever happy. It's that void in everyone life, fear of the unkown, fear of death. Until you attain some level of spirituality you'll aways feel this emptiness. Mankind is the only aminal know to walk around in fear of death, aminmals live in the moment, the cycle of life. Eat or be eaten syndrome, mankind lives like that with constant wars. Jealous of losing our life style to a new enemy the government tell us. Is mankind rolling along to a path of destruction of all mankind with a few survivors? Has mankind lost the ability to pray, lost sight of where he's from. Like Mud man's inability to pray, so he was wiped out. Is there anyway to stop that now, with 2012 fast approaching? Sure hope I'm a survivor and well get to meet other survivors on the other side. bye sweet dreams

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