Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Jesus and Rejection"

The story of "Jesus Christ", is all about being rejected, to the point, of His death. He's a guy that was walking around trying to tell people their is more to life than simple lust. There's this opportunity to escape to a much higher level. Now he's saying, look to the sky and reach out to heaven, raise you hands up to a higher Being. If you are good, Angles will save you from despair and deliver you to the Heavens. He says to you , you have a Holly Ghost that lives with you, and the two of you are inseparable. It all got Him killed, for His effort. Take away Jesus name, place in "Alien's", instead of "Jesus" to the same exact story and no one buys it. The people who do have UFO sighting suffer the same fate as "Jesus". They got the opportunity, like "Jesus", to see more than the others. That their is something with greater power than humans, living with them. Like the followers of Christ, who were rejected by the government and the people, for their beliefs. The story of Christ fit better in these "Time's", than in the "Time" period it was set in. You have the government saying theirs nothing above, and the people who say their is, are all nuts. The story of the "Just One", maybe 5,000 year old, but it was written for this "Time" period. Which in turn, puts it on a Mayan "Time" line. Look what happen to "Tesla", after he had a "Alien" encounter, then he talked about it. America soon forgot all the great thing he gave the World. And now some how, the whole story of Jesus got turned into a giant war machine in His name. Mankind is still no more than the heathens, they supposedly replaced. Turn poor old Jesus, into some kind of dogma to kill for. Everyone praising His name, not doing a damn thing He asked them to do. The father of Jesus in Genesis said don't eat my creatures, now if you don't eat "God's" creation's, your ridiculed by the Christians. Basicly the Heathens, people of today are still rejecting Christ's wishes. Everybody just wants more and more, and will sacrifice nothing. Jesus's father arrives back on Earth in a spaceship in Revelation's, Christians don't believe in "Alien's". "God" said revenge is mine, Christians love killing, either with war or capital punishment. "God" tells the heathens, their body is a temple, the Christians run right out an build temples, causing distruction to His Earth. The thing Jesus taught the heathens not to do, they are still doing, thus still rejecting Him. It would appear both "God" and Jesus handle rejection well. If your child rejected the things you taught them, you'd chase them from your home. You are living in "God" house, and you still reject Him and He's letting you still live in it. "God" is letting you eat His creations and watching you distroy His house. A most forgiving "God", to sad humans aren't the same. Mankind wants to play "God", not listen to His teachings. Mankind doesn't do rejection well at all, if you don't want to be like America, it will kill you in Christ name. You know who I mean, "God" the one Bush talks to directly for you. Looks like poor old Jesus is still being rejected by the heathens. bye

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