Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Trying to Get to Heaven"

Governments and Religions have a, way of dividing mankind up. Putting one person against another, like the Falcons quarterback with dogs. The two dogs in the fight, didn't even know each other. They were simply trained to hate the other dog. Much the same as organized Religion does. If they don't worship their "God", then hate them, to the point of killing them. The Christians and Muslims have been doing it sense the birth of there religions. If the Planet survives 2012, then all these centralized governments will have to be revamped. People are tired of war, how many people around the World really follow their religions doctrines? Americans are more and more moving away from organized religion, the counties people are to educated to buy into the dogma. For the same reason people don't trust congress, and the president. With half of the citizens of America, believing in UFOs, where does that leave the governments power? With out the trust of the government where does that leave the country? Why is their a federal government, to protect us from our enemies, we don't have any enemies. All our enemies were created by the leaders from around the World. People of the World are going to have to figure this out. It's just mankind on the Planet, not a bunch of odd ball religious orders. The Worlds people need to abandon their leaders and simply turn to each other through the Internet. All the boundaries of old are now, non relevant, your computer parts come from how many different counties. Automobiles are much the same, so why are the people of the World at war, Religion, and governments. The World is just one commerce now, people trading with people on a one on one relationship from county to country. No place for wars any more, only governments need wars to stay in power. Your government gave you an enemy, not you. "Time" has arrived for people to find their own way of communicating with there "God" individually. Not some person or organization, join a club, if you need to socialize. "Time" to try and get to Heaven, on your own terms, not someone you don't really know. Your tears are your own, your relationship with "God", is your own. This life on this side is a spiritual trip, not I deserve more. Religion is the only reason were at war now, two religions fighting it out at the birth place of religion. All being done in the name of religion, for what? Materialism, not spiritualism, oil and greed in the name of Christ and Ali. World of ignorant religions, leading the heathens around by their lust. Tell the heathens, who are lead by the heathens, their much deserved life style is being threatened, they'll kill for you. Never even ask why, just kill who the government tells them to. Their not Christians and they hate democracy, that will do it, look at America past. Trying to control the World in the name of Christ and democracy. What will stop this slippery slide to no where, an intervention from either climate, plague, or the ET's making a grand showing. A World of people forgetting why their her in the first place, 'Trying to Get to Heaven'. This was a just a test run to see if you are capable of more than personal desires. Failure at this game and you might be eliminated from the next round. Is that mankinds journey on this Planet, to attain spiritualizium? bye

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