Friday, December 28, 2007

"Keeping the World at War"

The killing of Benazir Bhutto by the military opposition just keeps proving my point, about the actions of the military. No educated country will play Americas games, so America plays with third World counties, with uneducated citizens. America put Pervez Musharraf in power in Pakistan, who him self, came from the military. Benazir Bhutto was a direct threat to Musharraf and American influence in that country. Easy to get some uneducated religious radical to kill her and himself, in that environment of poverty and religious extremism. America keeps the thought in people minds that China and Russia, might be a future threat of war. What constant bull shit emitting from the government. Like the mosque in Iraq that blew up, starting the fighting between religious groups. Who had the most to gain from that, the American military and their contractors. (Haliburton etc.) Keeping thing stirred up, keeps the rest of the World not noticing whats really going on. The system keeps reminding America and the World that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and religious radicals willing to blow up Americans. Just keeping thing looking like chaos all around, be very afraid propaganda flying. Without large counties to pick a fight with, America turns to small third World counties, where they can spread their influence easily. They keep Americans under control the same way, by inventing them enemies. Then tell the third World counties America, their enemy. Playing one against the other, like puppets on strings, the citizens become. The citizens of the World keep buying into this bull shit. America put both Osama Ben laden and Saddam Hussein in power, the turned them both into an enemy. Is anybody noticing, what happening to them self's, how all this keeps them from spiritually advancing. So much for this being the birth of the Age of Aquarius. Benazir Bhutto was age 56, born in the Hippie generation, looking for peace. Got her killed by the military establishment, that lives on constant conflict. Only America and third World counties live by the sword anymore. Europeans are to sophisticated to live this way, but in America and the Middle East, it's the normal. You can't blame Europe for looking down on the Americans and their killing ways. Six murders in Washington state yesterday, three generations of one family. Large cities in America are battle grounds for the gangs. With a country that always off killing someone in another country, it just spills over into society. A society base on pushing their beliefs onto someone elses beliefs, in the name of "God". America the bully, no wonder the children of America are bullies. They watch their country doing the same thing all over the World. The church's of America jump right on the band wagon, they need people to live in constant fear them selfs. Church and state were suppose to be seperate, now you need their following to get elected. Look how Bush used the Christians to get elected, then made fun of them in the back ground, for how easly they could be influenced. If the Mayans were right and the end is near, mankind is right where he started, with a club in his hand, killing not talking. Not much for mankind to be proud of, in the last 5200 years. Great years while the "God's" were around, but total deterioration since their departure. The Earth and it's people would surely be looked down on by a society from out side this plain. Just a bunch of souless bodies clangering around, looking for more for them selfs. bye PS How many people will start trying to seperate them selfs from the individuals around them as we near 2012? Saying, I'm not like them. Hopefully I'm not alone.

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