Saturday, December 29, 2007

"What a Mess"

Marching right along to Armageddon it would appear. Now in Pakistan you have the Kennedy assassination scenario unfolding with Benazir Bhutto. Who killed her, who ordered it, who financed it? Pakistan wants no help solving the assassination, already conflict how she died. Just like JFK's assassination, how many shots fired and by whom. All the whores running for president, have added there two cents worth, in the news. America military have to love it when Osama bin Laden pops up and starts running off at the mouth. Better off alive than dead to the military, he's always lurking out their in the dark this way. Keeping the fear in the Americans minds, their could be another 911 with him on the loose. The bigger the lie, the more the American public buys into it anyway. America, Pervez Musharraf and Osama bin Laden, are all into this together, tied at the hip. All having the same reasons for keeping things stirred up, power and money. Then a naive Bhutto walks into the O.K. corral with out a gun. Just like the Kennedy brothers, they were getting in the way of how thing are really done. You just can't get in the way of the Military Industrial Machine. This is simply the way of the World now. The Military Industrial Machine is in total control, through out the middle east, selling weapons to everyone. The Jews and the Palestinians will never quit the fight and bin Laden and others are financing the Palestinians. America is giving it's old military hardware to the Jews to keep them in the fight. Only one winner in this, the Military Industrial Machine. All part of keeping oil prices high, and pressure to drill in Americas wilderness areas. No way to stop this train now, with out, out side intervention. Their plan doesn't have anything about the environment in it, can't put a tie on this Pig. Just when the military was getting down sized because of Russia demise and break up, bang 911 happened. The country had already gone to all volunteer military preparing for high tech military. Now with all this terrorism going on, throw that all out the window. Start all over, back to the club in one hand and return to hand to hand combat. With America the only super power in the foreseeable future, all the Military Industrial Machine has is terrorisum, to keep the citizens all fired up about. America has the worst health care system in the the World, yet their always money for the military. The American citizen is powerless to do anything about any of this. Sad to watch from the sidelines at the death freedom. No one even caring or noticing how little by little freedoms are being taken away. Like a check out girl once said to me, people don't notice how a little at a "Time", but constantly your grocerys are going up. Not like people get raises daly to compensate for this, always money for war though. No way to clean up this mess now, the milk has been spilled on the floor, you can't put it back in the bottle. Is everybody having a good "Time"? bye PS Check out all the new crop circles on U Tube, what art, or are they messages between the ET's, like taggers trying to out do each other now?

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