Sunday, December 30, 2007

"A Simple Act of Kindness"

A simple act of kindness is hard to find in these "Time's". It took a Black African lady, working on a Sunday, selling to the well healed from around the World. I was shopping for clear colorful glass beads to go with my jewelry. Only found six or seven, out of thousands to pick from, went to pay, lady says their free, I said thank you, she said I learned from my father. I shook her hand and said, a simple act of kindness, their hard to find these days. This on the same day my daughter sends me an e-mail, saying she had visited her son grave site. Talking how hard it was on her, their are no answers for this, here. The simple act of just trying to live your simple life is hard enough, without the government adding their constant bull shit. Everyone cries there own tears of life. The World could use a good "Time" out, a just fucking stop, "Time' out. Take a day off and just look around at your surroundings. Try just just one kind act each day, no one cuts anybody any slack anymore, your job, driving. For some reason the environmental movement has really started to take off, like night and day. Something must of clicked in the sub consensus collectively, it's now a race to show how green your business can be. The feds rejected California's tough environmental laws, but everybody just when along with California's ideas. What gets started in So-Cal aways goes to the rest of the country, then the World. Something new always comes from the coast, kind of a brain trust. Look at silicon valley and how it changed the World. So-Cal fads and trends, Northern-Cal, new ideas. America may have a fuck up government but the smart people are living here. All the new toys of the World, where created here, maybe by a person from another country, but living and working here. The land of the Free Thinkers, the innovators. If your smart and living in some other part of the World, you'll end up in America. Americas are so smart at the top, but the masses buy into the propaganda. Land where most of the great inventions came from in the last 100 years, running around looking for some third World country to pick on. Real drop off in the brain trust, a counties real power lies in it peoples brain trust. Knowledge is the great power, with out it, your some country in Africa somewhere. Well have to see if America's brain trust can save the Planet. The country has seemed to quit listening to Bush and his cronies and the environment has become the main topic after getting out of Iraq. Meet a guy here in Arizona who 25 years ago came up with a water saving device for Africa, now he's a multi millionaire. Seems common now but then it was very creative. Things will hopefully be created in someones basement that can help the environment, but mainly it has to start with recycling and just being smart. You see people returning even plastic shopping bags now. That didn't come from our dumb ass government, there just looking to steal something. Military and government to soulless to even care about the environment. Bush and his cronies trying to say everything cool with the environment, while the rest of the World tries to do something about it. Thank "God' the worst years in American history are coming to an end. All the little squirrels "Time" has ended, hopefully a breath of fresh air will emerge. Hopefully in a few years, the only fighting going on, will be between the Palestinians and the Jews, that will never end, to much revenge to avenge. As more and more people get educated, hopefully from intervention from out side, the need for constant fighting will to come to an end. Mankind is not going to learn this on their own. A showing of a much higher intelligence will be the only thing that can turn this all around. Many in the World what a show down, between the governments of the World and the "Alien's". Something to shake up the status quo. A Simple Act of Kindness from the "Alien's ", to show how ignorant the people of the Planet really are. The "Alien's" could simply show, they could kill everyone off, but haven't. Just a thought, one mans opinion, I have a navel. bye

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