Monday, December 31, 2007

"A Man With a Gun"

Who's going to stop the man with the gun? The man with the gun is the military and the one pulling his strings is the Industrial Machine. The news showed the killer of Benazir Bhutto, with his gun, just as he was killing Mrs. Bhutto. How does someone get talked into doing such an incredible act. What can drive a man to kill for political and religious reasons. Is the assassin drugged, then talked into such an act. Only a lower form of human gets talked into this by another lower form of human, who understands whats going on in his head. Pakistan government says she died by explosion, while the rest of the World is shown photos of the gunman. Soon the World will know everything about the killer, the net has made the World much smaller now. Same tactics used by the Bush people about global warming and Iraq. Pakistan is just a poor mans version of America, Bush and Musharraf governments lying to their citizens. The military running the show in both counties, keeping things in turmoil. While all this is going on in the news, turns out about one billion dollars are missing from the Iraq war. Like I've said before, no one can control where the money goes during war "Time". How does our government lose a billion dollars? American citizens will never know, just like all the money stolen from the the Indian Tribes for their lumber and minerals. Every now and then McCain makes some noise about this, but nothing ever becomes of it. The Tribes have given him money surely for this, politicians don't do anything for free. Last "Time" he brought it up, he said the money was needed for the war, what war? A created war, to keep the cash flowing into the military coffers. How many citizens did McCain kill with his fighter jet, how many children? If he really was captured during Vietnam, or was it just a set up, for a future presidential run? What can you trust, look at Bush's Air National Guard records, never heard of Bush being a private pilot? What happened, all of a sudden Bush didn't like to fly? Tried listening to William F. Buckley on Charlie Rose today, could only take about ten minutes. What constitutes an intellectual, want are the base lines, why does his opinions count so much? Funny how these thing are decided, and Americas just go along with it. It seems to me, the person who knows the most about the "Alien's", should be front and center now. The World is entering into a new phase, one of trying to save the Planet. No one down here has the ability, the Planet needs some big "Time" intervention. I'm starting to sound like someone praying to the heavens or the "Alien's", to save the Planet. Nothing here can do it, to little to late. The west is burning up every summer now, even winter fires is California. Drought and Bark Beatles are killing the forest here in Arizona. State lost almost half a million acres in one fire that combined with another, both fires man made. Heard a fire fighter from a hot shot crew, say one reason was such low humidity. Most people whould never think of that being part of the problem, goes right along with Global Warming. Like a song from the sixties, their's a man with a gun over their, telling me, I got to beware. The assassin in the photo from Pakistan, represents the state of the World now. A Man with a gun, has got it stuck up againts everyone head right now, and could care less about the environment. bye

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