Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Maybe This Is the Year"

Maybe this is the year, my kids will figure out what I'm doing, and why their here with me. Maybe this is the year, this insanity called life here are Earth will be straighten out. This isn't just some random freak of nature, or the cosmos. Their might be another direction other than simply just taking. Maybe this is the year of the wake up call, from a higher source. All countries on Earth are experiencing racial tension and polarization of their citizens. As relations between Muslim and Christians widen, in each country, the conflict will worsen until their is war in the streets. Seem other religions are staying out of the battle, they seem to be much more passive and wiser. Other religions don't really have a dog in this fight anyway. Once your neighborhoods are divided by race, revolution is soon to follow. Go to California, and you really see it. The whites living in gated communities in the suburbs, while the new arrival to America, fight it out in the big cities. Was working with a guy from California, asked why he moved to Arizona. He said he was was about the last White family left in his city. I replied, have the Mexicans taken it over, he replied no, the Orientals. This ain't the year that stops, I live in a pretty much a White town. Maybe this is the year, people start demanding to know why the Chem-Trails. Took several photos while working on a wax model today, you could even notice a odd chemical smell in the air. Decided to stay indoors verses working on it outside. Any more life seems to be, pretty much just bull shit answers. Sad part is, most people by into the, dumb ass propaganda. Most I talk to, don't even want to know, living in ignorant bliss, and would like to keep it that way. As one of my old guru's said it, I'm working on my own bummers, don't need yours, bye. See where some people are predicting, some large cities in March will have big UFO flaps, maybe this is the year. Place could use a good scare, into some common sense, maybe this year. Stepped out side to check on my rocks in the tumble, the sky is all X crossed with Chem- Trails. Never so much as seen a word about it in the news paper, or lack of news paper, just propaganda and sports scores. Maybe this year, their is a real election, I'm day dreaming now. No one wants to bring up the UFO question during any of the debates. After Iraq, can't think of a bigger question mark. Why doesn't someone ask, why all the other countries came out and said their are thing flying around, and not America? Are all the people asking questions, put in place so such questions won't come up? Maybe this year, both Iraq and Afghanistan, will ask American troops to go home. Problem with this, America put their governments in place. City of Tempe had it's first murder of the year, one hour after mid night. Police are looking for a Black guy, he killed another Black guy. Another thing that's not going to happen this year, Blacks not killing Blacks. America could step in and solve a lot of the Worlds problems, problem is, their into selling weapons more. A great country just wasting a lot of energy on making problems not solving them. Maybe this years America starts solving problems, damn day dreaming again. bye

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