Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"New World Order"

Ring a bell, Henry Kissinger, useless eaters, population control, A New World. With all the Chem-Trails overhead yesterday, had to do a little research on the subject. Like a wet fist in the night, ( Chicken Man?) it all started to come together. Remembering how the Military used all those defoliants during Vietnam, aka Agent Orange. All those soldiers getting sick in the Gulf war, now called Gulf War Syndrome. All the stories of tunnels being built in the southwest, just like a "Hopi" story about the "Ant People". The selected ones taken underground, while the useless eaters are killed off. Sound a who lot like the story of Santa Claus and a lump of coal, carbon based like a human, get it. "So you better be good by goodness sakes", hey. Been saying, something had to give, the planet can't take this kind of abuse much longer. Air Force says it isn't them doing it, it's commercial flights. Looked at the aircraft with my binoculars, do pretty much look like standard commercial aircraft. Just Google Chem-Trails and a whole new World of problems are besit you. Who knows for sure when the spraying really started, some suggested in earnest in 1997. Talking to a relative about it, he told me a story about hiking out of the mountains north of Superstition Mountain. While hiking back looking east towards the Phoenix area saw the same kind of trails. He said this was the late sixties, at the "Time" the state had three Air Force Bases. His father was a lifer in the Army, Air Force and Air Force, that's why he noticed them, he grew up on military bases. Their are of course, tons of objects you can buy to stop the effect of all this, depending on who's theory you buy into. The Media doesn't want to touch this subject, like the "Alien's", just isn't their. All just a big ass joke at this point, between the media and the government, joke's on John Q. Citizen. Funny how I came to the same conclusion, only via the "Hopi" about going under ground at the end. Something made all the cards come together, for this all to have happened, just not random. How much control does one, really have over their lives. And now the aerial spraying and who's flying the aircraft. Are the aircraft flown by remote control, what kind of a human would dump chemical on their own families? When I first started watching from my patio, it would appear that something was opening a path in the hayes in front of the aircraft. The trails can turn a clear day into a cloudy day and it will start cooling off. Yesterday was supposed to clear and 71 degrees, the morning started that way. Then the planes started their east, west, north, south flights and the day turned chilly and cloudy. Now that creating your own weather system. At over thiry thousand feet, it make you wonder where they will end up, not much chase of them falling straight to the ground. Are winds go for most of the year from west to east, are storms roll in from California. Only in the few winter months does a storm roll into from the east. It would appear that if the cloud are over you they'll blow to some other area. Trails are being reported over L.A., their polution ends up at the Grand Canyon, last "Time" me and a son visited it was filled with dirty air from the coast. What a fucking hoot living in these "Time's", their just something new to learn about every day. Will the fun ever end, only problem is, is this fun were having? Guess the big question is, Who ordered the, "New World Order"? bye

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