Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Who's Bull Shitting Who"

Oil and precious metals going through the roof, the dollars getting worthless. Just like all failing countries do, near the end of their power run. Musharraf sounding like an America politician, we didn't do it. In Iraq, the Kurd's have their own private war going on with Turkey. Nobody inside Africa wants help, they been killing each other for ever, why stop now. America spiraling to the ground like a jet fighter after a flame out. Who pulled the cord on America, and who let it happen. How did America, get here from their, in a short seven years? Went from a proud country to what you have today, what ever you would call this? Somebody or something pulled the cord and Bush was only the face of it. Far to ignorant for this, he didn't even get himself elected, others like Carl Roe did that. Got two wars it can't get it's self out of, dollar not worth shit, lenders allowed to run a-muck. Now, no one homes are a sure thing when once they were, the great American dream after WWII, own your own home. Now a starter home is trailer in the suburbs. Gold going over $800 dollars ounce, silver over $15 an ounce, oil $100 dollars a barrel, all in a short amount of "Time". What causes that to happen, who and were is that decision made. If the dollar is weak, that would make more sense, it would simply take more dollars to buy the same amount gold. But what other country is really in the good of shape. If America doesn't consume, then who's buying the goods? China's is propping it's self up with slave labor, how long does that last. Europe doesn't have any natural resources left, so what do they have to offer. Most of the World's oil is in bad neighborhoods. This like bad dream you can't awake from. A fucking bunch of morons running for president, no help coming from their, where is Chicken Man when you really need him. Maybe he can stop all this corruption in City Hall. As long as he doesn't get warm and the wax that hold on his wing, doesn't melt. Sound like what's happening to America, got to close to the fire, (corruption) and it's chicken wings fell off. America was only a pretend power ever any way, it had natural resources to sell the World, but their winding up now, depleted. Look at countries with oil and only a few citizens get to prosper from. The separation from the real wealthy is getting wider ever day. Will someday you be able to Google the answers just like in the after life libraries. Talk about who''s bull shitting who, the Olympics in China. The air is so bad, their talking about not having some contest, like running not done because of the air pollution. China is a who's bull shitting who kind of country. Could care less about anybodies health or welfare, their corruption has had many years to develop. That's whats rapidly happening to America, look at the lobbyist running congress, not John Q. Citizen. Look at all the promises Bush made to get elected, did he deliver on any of them. America is based on the biggest bull shit story get elected, just keep making promises you can't keep. Create 911, then say you've protected the country for the last six years from terrorism, type bull shit. John Q. buys into it, because he's bull shitted his or her way through life, I'm a good Christian, bull shit. Bush stammers because he can't remember which bull hit story he's told. Listen to the candidates debates, who's bull shitting who? How can a politician fore fill a promise to restore America to greatness, replant the great forest in the country, restore the environment. Maybe all this insane bull shit will come to an end, Who's Bull Shitting Who? Not going to happen, something else is really running the show. bye

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