Friday, January 4, 2008

"The Older You Get, the Wizer You Get"

The older I get, the more scared I get, just look around. Knowledge begets knowledge, stop learning beget ignorance. If you pick a star to cling you star to a t 18 years old and never change that position, you quit learning. At 18 what ever the government told me, I accepted that for fact. At 21 years old, started not trusting anything they said. Seeing a bunch of soldiers from Vietnam lined up in the hall ways at Tripler Army Hospital on Oahu will do that. A bunch of kids that just wanted sun light from the hall windows. They use to trust the government, but a dumb ass war, like the ones going now, changed that quickly. So many people you meet today, still have that, support the troops bumper sticker, and are still stuck trusting what the government says. All the things the baby boomers have seen, you'd think they wouldn't trust anything, their told. Last nights elections maybe gave a little hope that things could change with Huckabee and Obama winning. A complete change of gears from the old guard, a photo of Hillary with Bill looking disgusted said it all. The old guard of McCain and Hillary, and the wealthy Mormon, got wiped out. America maybe is finally saying, this bull shit just isn't working. The Mormon spent a ton of the Churches money and got squat for his effort. Bet you could put a dollar value on every vote he got, he spent so much money. Like a major league pitcher who gets a few thousand dollars every time they throw a pitch in a game. I grew up with the Mormons, you could see them getting all the money Mitt Romney needed through the church. They are a cult, no question about that. They believe in the "Alien's" just as much as I do, they let me as a child do a lot of thing at their churches, but never asked me to join or the family I grew up in. They know every ones geneology, they know I don't fit in anyone family line. The government recently spent millions of dollars to get this information, from the Mormons. The Mormon pray for the dead of non believers, so they have great records of family lines. The Jews recently asked them to stop doing it to their ancestor, now that's cult like. The country just seems perverted now, look at TV and how thing are accepted now that wouldn't have been allowed to be said or done, say a few short years ago. The perversion of the Jews and their love of porn. Now porn stars are accepted on normal TV shows. Perverted government that's not responsible for any of it's lies. Perverted minister and clergymen attending the young and helpless. Perverted politicians, drug companies, any part of the government that says it's helping you out. Perverted propaganda that never quits, or take a day off. Their are so many Chem-Trails now over the valley, I'm always pointing up showing someone. It all seems to fall on deaf ears, the perversion of the government propaganda is the reason for that. Why don't people care whats happening to them, has the spraying taken it's effect on the population? Are Americans just drones now, walking around seeking only personal pleasures, not knowledge? I know a lot more than I did a year ago, how many Americans can say, they had to modify some of their thoughts because of new knowledge? The older you get the wiser you get, or is that a passing fade? bye

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