Saturday, January 5, 2008

"You Can't Make This Story Up"

Setting writing my blog, when the door bell rang. Seemed odd anyway, few people just drop in anymore, I've became the face of reality, but trust. The two go hand in hand and take many years to develop. A lady was at he door needing a ride to pay here utility bill. I didn't really want to do it because I was in a mind set to write and wanted to get my blog out. Said OK, the blog can wait, locked the home and headed out the door. First thing I said to her was, why'd you pick me out of some fifty condos. Her reply was, I saw the Kachina on your patio, figured you must be friendly. Cool but, you can't see the Kachina from the side walk, I'm on the up stairs condo in our units. Didn't say anything to her about it and headed to utility company. Here's where it gets odd, or maybe not so much anymore, in my reality after the last eleven years. After thanking me for the ride, the first thing she said to me was, have you seen a Flying Saucer before. Wow it just took me aback, took a deep breath and said yes, with one of my sons. Told her, my son and I saw one coming back from the "Hopi" rez. She said her mom was a white Indian, Cherokee I think see said. She said she had white features that came out from past blood lines. Told her it was common for the Indians to capture a women from other tribe or the whites, to help their own blood lines or DNA now days. She said she was very Spiritual woman. She wanted to know why she got to see a Flying Saucer, was she special, what did it mean? All the same thoughts were in my head after my first sighting, what does this mean and why me. It was "Time" to let you know a lady said to me, hope your doing well Ruth. Told the lady the same story for her benefit, it was was "Time" to let you know, their is something bigger and more powerful than you living amongst us. She replied that's the felling she got from it, not scared, just maybe puzzled with these new parts, of her puzzle of life. Said to her maybe she's a chosen one if the rapture was near, her reply, mom made me go to a Baptist church as a child. Small World, I was sent to a Baptist Church also by my self. Next she wanted to know if I had ever seen a creature before. Told her my dog and me saw one fly across the patio where she was standing before. Explained how it scared the hell out of dog and the me. She asked how big was it, my reply was the size of a large bat, but much more fearsome looking , like something from a picture in an old Bible. She told me she saw a huge one seven foot tall walking with her son. If I'd never seen one before, I'd never have bought into that story. These kind of meetings are just not random chance, I was prepared to give her some answers, by powers around me. I didn't get me here, and that lady didn't get her there, for this all to happen. She'll tell her kids and her kids will tell other kids about my answers. Gotten a little smart enough to know some what, of whats happening around me. As we neared home, asked her how old she was, she said 47 years old, said to my self this all make sense now and raised my hand in prayer. Something with the number 47, not quite sure what, it just keeps popping up in these situations. She could relate to my answers because of where she had been in life. If I told another person, they would think I was nuts. It's all right there in front of peoples eyes if they were just willing to let them self's grow spiritually, grow and not get caught in some trap. Always be open to new ideas and thoughts, you can always throw them out latter if they don't fit with your new knowledge. Your Bible or your minister said so and that's just good enough for me, mind set. You never want to pigeon hole yourself, then have to build a defence system around ideas you developed years earlier. That exactly what the Christians have done and there willing to kill for it, just look at history. I'm not smart enough, to think this out, "You Can't Make This Story Up". bye

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