Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Trying to Remove One's Self"

Trying to separate your self from not getting caught up in the Worlds, little atrocities. Trying to keep ones head from total despair, watching what earthling can do to each other, is a tough gig. Trying to remind myself I don't have a dog in this fight. Can't let one's self start getting caught up in this, trying to stay spiritual and clean, while surrounded by immorality. People trying to control others, for what, a brief moment on top, why? Watching the news, with one hand on the remote to try and keep from seeing some atrocity, mankind has done to each other. Always a dying baby, or a starving African to show the public. Makes you wonder what type of human wants to be the one bringing the horrors to your home. The bearers of doom, the hatchet man at a death penalty execution, all the same. Trying to ignore the cats around your self, so you don't get caught up in this despair. Needing to constantly say, I'm above all this, I'm not apart of this. Trying to remind one's self, that people want others above it, to get drug down with them, so they feel better about themselves. Living in fear of what, another mans failures to act some what human. Trying to remind myself I've been shown a much higher power, than anything walking around on Earth. Trying to remind myself, my spiritual journey out weights anything anybody has to offer me. Other always wanting more of the material things in life, not knowing this is the wrong path. My reminding them, not with words, but mere presences just bring hatred and scorn of me. Carnivores hate vegetarians, simple jealousy of a persons ability to control the animal type urges in them self's. The ability to control ones human craving, will bring hatred to ones self. Human state has become, if your not like me, I'll kill you. Look at Christianity and Muslim religions, prime examples, some how their "God" has instructed them to do this. The lower form of human, jumps right on this. Easy to tell these type of lower forms of humans, their short and hairy, like Arabs and Jews. All inbreed, no fresh DNA. Look at Bush's staff and followers, all I want more types. More of what, polluted air, poison food and drink, the lowest of the lowest. The man that take pride in killing another man for hire, what type of human is this? What type of human orders him to do it? People that run the drug companies, food processors knowing their products are bad for human consumption, what kind of human are this? Have to be the lowest of the lowest forms of human. Look at all the politicians in Washington wasting all the that money, trying to see which ballplayer did what drug and how could they have lied to them. The bunch of whores, drug America into a war with lies, some more, lower forms of humans. Trying their damndest to get people not to notice what a bunch of whores they are. Having the balls to say, hey look at them awful ball players. Is all the ball players did was take years off their lives, for a few moments of stardom. Look what Bush and Cheney did for a few fleeting moments of fame. How many years do they have left of quality "Time", for their sins? The Yen Yang of everything, you take, you give back. Lower forms never ever think about this, just the moment. Hard to get one's self above seeing this and not letting it drag you down. Back to the real reality, some great UFO photos coming out of the San Diego area. Looked similar to the Phoenix lights and plenty of witnesses. See if more are coming as the approach of 2012 nears. Listening to the debate a little last night, Hillary is a fighter. Obama saying country needed to keep the special interest groups out of politics, Hillary reminded him one of his campaign managers was a lobbyist for a major drug company, the whore shook his head saying no, no, while Hillary laughed. bye

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