Monday, January 7, 2008

"A Little Bit of Power"

It all starts with just a little bit of power and soon, you've got a monster on your hands. Living in a condominium and dealing with the H.O.A. and the property management company, made me realize how close they are to a government. The countries fore fathers didn't intend for their to be a large central government for the very reasons you can see around you. In the beginning the government worked for you, as it was intended to do so. Now just the opposite, you work for the government. Only intended to be, kind of a property manager, not a dictator. A small fee from each state like a H.O.A. fee. Pay the local bills and keep the grass nice, real simple. Letting each home owner take care of their little own piece of the pie, just like the states started out. I can have a gun for my personal protection, like each states National Guard. Our H.O.A. board members get us a new management firm every few years. Each "Time" they bring in a new management company it's the same, all lovie dovie. But soon the management firms are just takers making up the rules as they go. Oh he's not here anymore, so what ever he said to you, doesn't count now. Just like the government does to the people of America. Bush won't be in office soon, but the fucking two little wars will still be going. All the same actions, take the money, preform as little as possible, even the same excuses. You hire them for a small task, and little power goes right to their heads. Some moron works his way through the political minor leagues, making all kinds of promise. Then he finally gets to Washington and now you work for him. H.O.A.'s and government are both riddled with kick backs from vendors. Both taking from the weak and unsuspecting, kind of what America has become. The government has given the peasants titles now and it's all gone to their head. Your not a garbage man any more, now you have a title. Every ones uppity, fry cooks are now all chefs, what bull shit. No one has to be humble any more, they got a title now. When I was a kid, cooks where looked down on, as the guys that couldn't make it in school. Now the have their own Cooking shows, how did that happen. The governments simple little tricks to let the citizens think they really count, as they steal the American dream. We can't give you a raise, but we can give you a title. "Time" to go back 200 years and start all over, rethink what has happened to America. The next president will be like the new guy from the property management company, going around saying, not my fault. Soon he'll be creating his own set of bummers. The federal government is totally broken now, and out of control, can't preform the simplest tasks. Can't even run a war correctly, to busy trying to control every ones minds, while there mind and bodies are rotting from the effort, Yen Yang. Like eating a animals flesh, it's killing you. By not living to the true nature of ways, you only kill your self off in the effort. No one was sent to control others lives, that was a path they have chosen. Not a natural rhythm of things, not pure, corrupt. You can't blame others for your place in society another thing the system has taught the citizens to do. Your not fat because you have an illness the government has a pill for you. To me your just another fucking glutton, no matter if it's sex, food, power or money. Another, it's all about me, bull shit the government has taught the citizens, to control them. Is the die being cast for the next president, Obama and Huckaby. You end up with another republican president, because in the end America wouldn't buy into electing a Black president? No real outsiders for long in politics, their soon brought into the fold of the establishment. Americans are good at one thing, being lead around by the nose, by some one who once had, A Little Bit of Power. bye PS No rhythm to anything thats happening in America, all out of tune.

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