Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"A State of Mind"

How did the human mind get from their to here, with the ability to create? Is the Urantia correct, the arrival of the thought adjuster? How did mankind get from stick an mortar, Mud Man, and the Popol Vuh? The whole being of being, a higher order of things, fear of the unknown and death. To finally reach this point, through either, evolution or some other greater power, then to be wiped out in a heart beat, by something from the sky. Do the animals and other creatures, have a fear of, what will happen to them at death? What up grades the mind, how is this done, just random? Is the whole Universe just random, who or what turned on the lights. It's easy to say "God" did it, the Christian answer for every thing. If drugs can alter your state of mind, then what is a mind. Does a body have no life, until someone or something ignite the electrical charge that starts the whole cycle of life. Some way the initial beginning of life is an electrical charge, a jump start as to say. It takes energy to start cells dividing, who or what starts the process. You need a brain, almost before you can generate life, no different than a seed. How did it get that brain to tell the cells to start dividing and creating something? You couldn't have an egg first, you'd need a electrical impulse to get things going. In the end, all living things are merely energy fields under control by a brain. The brain of the cell, in a giant dance with other cells, built with plus or minus electrical impulses. All the energy creating the living being. Kind of hard not to believe their is a Higher Order of things. It come down to, who turned on the lights? Once mankind had the ability to think of more than, shelter, food, and sex, mankind started to advance. Sounds like the story of Mud Man, or in the Urantia, the arrival of the thought adjuster. Was it mankind started having "Time" on his hands to think up these thoughts, or was a higher source involved? As mankind advanced did he just get better at day to day life? Or was their divine intervention, a "God"? You can create life in a test tube, but you need an egg and sperm, created by a higher source, an electrical charge that's started by the two coming together. Organic living materials are electrical energy fields in the end. This energy is the creation, all the way down to a rock and the energy that holds it together. A Universe of electrical particles creating every thing. The spark of life giving is not in mankind's hands, mankind is only good at ending it. Could you have a Universe first, then a "God", a creator arriving latter? No ones beginning stories start that way, it's always a "God" that made the Universe first. You think of all these possibilities and mankind for the most part act like monster. A soulless taker of all that's around himself, no real redeeming qualities. Mankind seems to only know lust, not spiritual advancement. Does this negative energy build up around mankind and something with in brings on his own annihilation? All Bibles agree their have been previous attempts at the human state of mind, on Earth. Is that why the Mayans told stories of mankind saving himself from distraction, was it that negative energy building up, like a shock from the carpet. Does a that negative energy from all the bad deeds do mankind in? Is that State of Mind 2012? bye

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