Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Being Different"

Like an old Bob Dylan song, they'll stone you when your different. Then if you try and be cool to fit in, they'll stone you. Once your out side the ropes, your keep out side the ropes. Government controls are much worst today than in the sixties, where is the protest? No one to step up to the plate, and if someone did, the press would never give it any coverage. Look at the war protests, they hardly get any coverage. War protest was big news in the sixties, it got press. Today with the monopolies in the press working hand in hand with the government, war protest are simply ignored by the press. Being different today is someone like Britney Spears always in the news. Not someone standing up for change and less governmental controls. The idea of free press now is, just ignore it, it will go away, we'll give them Britney Spears fuck up life to talk about. Congress gave Bush's his war money with no dead line for troop withdrawals. The press didn't say a fucking word about, instead told everyone Britney Spear's sister was pregnant. All the chemicals in people food and air has turned everyone into walking clones. UFO sighting are big news in the rest of the World, here there ignored. You get instead, some dumb fuck celebrities fucked up personal life, like Pamela Anderson. No real news, just the odd balls that are decided for American consumption, sad part people buy into it. Only press members taking shots now days are the Political cartoonist like Benson and a few others, they dare to be different. So much for exit polls now, got Bush, Gore wrong now the democtates, Hillary and Obama. How do you miss by that much, another fix on the way? Gore would of won the election, but couldn't carry his own state, how does that happen? Jeb Bush promised his brother Florida, Gore couldn't deliver his own state? There is so little truth being told anymore, all the independent radio and news papers gone. Nothing but a giant fix, controls on controls. Being different now is given to the Citizens, the controls in place make sure of that. Will America ever be the same now that Fix is finally in charge/ Will freedom ever return, will their be a free election ever again? Who will or can return America back to the land of the free? A sad last seven years of American history, never any good news only despare to report. bye

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