Thursday, January 10, 2008

"The System Gave You"

Giving America it's hero's is all part of how the system works. they gave America Dale Earnhardt and Pat Tillman. They were worth more to the system dead. Tillman giving up his football career to join the Army Special Forces, thus giving credibility to the war effort. Poor naive kid, got his ass killed, then how he was killed was covered up. Then the cover up investigation was done by the military. An now insult to injury, the story is just simply ignored now by the press. He was worth far more dead than alive to the military for propaganda reasons, "lets get those guys, they killed one of our football heroes", bull shit. The military even blocked the families effort, to find out what really happened. In their hearts, they know he was a assassinated, for propaganda reasons. No one will ever know the true story of Tillman death, that's just simply how America is run now. The military leader only move bodies around in warfare for maximum effect, one way or another. Bright people don't join the military, and make it a career, they go out and become millionaires. Not some dumb fuck with a gun. The dumb fucks with a gun, might be running the whole show, that's the problem in today's America. Not the way the country's founders intended, that's why they left Europe. Americans are such carnivore they just love seeing blood, any kind, man or animal, "I'll have that steak rare", country. Their not having big Pat Tillman salute before sporting events now , are they? Their was a "Time" when damn near everything had a Pat Tillman moment of silence, before it started. Now he's been dropped off the face of the Earth. Like I've always said the military leaders are soul less, like Bush and his people. Tillman's life was no more than an pawn to the military leaders, a life just brushed aside. The military can always say, the boy volunteered. Dale Earnhardt was a made hero, maybe not the best stock car driver in the country, but the best face to promote. He had DNA, his father raced and was a winner, his father invented stagger, where the outside tires where larger than the inside tires. This made the car turn naturally into the corners of round race tracks. A good example of Dale Sr. being the star that NASCAR and TV wanted, was in a IROC race on ABC. Their was a caution during the race, Earnhardt pitted for tires, the only one. After the race all the other drivers complained that you weren't aloud to get fresh tires in the race. Some how after a little while Dale Sr. was declared the winner. In a interview after the race, with one of the other drivers, when asked about the tire deal his answer was, they got the winner they wanted. You just can't trust anything anymore. Earnhardt got so popular that him an a few other drivers where talking about starting a rival stock circuit to NASCAR. That's what probably got him killed in the end. He never realized that the system made him famous, not him. With out NASCAR who would even know who he was. Now he wanted to start a rival group to the one that created him. Him and Tillman where created by others, for their own needs. They just happened to be picked for their looks. The system makes heroes not the hero's. It's the same story as the guy in the Bible that thought he was bigger than "God", he forgot who created him. Well the system that created Dale Sr. also took him out. There were law suits flying around over the seat belts on Dale Sr. car. Seems they were frayed or something and may have caused his death. I was watching the race with a son, as soon as the crash happened, I turned to my soon and said he's dead. My son said no way, not that hard of impact. I said no one is moving very fast, (safety crews) something is wrong, other drivers where to the scene before the help arrived. Sure enough, I still can see that slow moving ambulance leaving the track. They made him, and they took him out, it killed the Kennedy boys. With out the system their would have been no place for the Kennedy's to shine. They turned on it and it got them killed, like so many others over the years. "Time" to wake up America, your getting old an senile, your totally under control. bye

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