Friday, January 11, 2008

"From WWJD to, I Googled it"

As the lady said one morning on NPR radio, it's a Google World, an we just live in it. This is the generation of the computer, that's about to take over from the old guard. No answers like dumb ass Bush, I went to a higher source, with this generation. They get their information from the goggles of the World. Speaking of Bush, read where he was 'almost' brought to tears at Auschwitz. What are almost tears anyway, and how does a man that's partially responsible for all those death in Iraq, and Afghanistan cry? Can an old war horse like Hillary Clinton, really be brought to tears? Just more bull shit from the Jewish media. Soul less bastards never quit coming at you. The Bible is out, an search engines are in. People don't go to their Bible for help in hard "Time's", they find a group to hook up with, with similar problems, self help groups they found by googling it. Church today are were you go to find a social environment like your own. People don't need that social structure of a Church, to many things to do now days. Church involvement will become a thing of the past, as people get more educated and more social through the Internet. That why church enrolments are on the way down. If the "Alien's" ever show their hand it will end, along with war. These two are already out dated, the propaganda machine keeps them going, plus mankind's ignorance. People just keep hanging on to the same old baggage, never wanting to grow. Just defending old antiquated ideas from the past. That why America is where it's at, the war machine just keeps prodding along. Looking for a new created enemy to scare the American public with, and the ignorant Americans buy into it. Now can you trust the voting machines after the last primaries? One candidate asked for a recount, because the exit polls didn't match the vote counted. Got to love America and their so called honest elections. America needs a third World country to come in and monitor it's elections. The big fix just keeps rolling along, until people wake up and realize they been lied to for generations. You can see why the Earthlings are wiped out every so often, look at the World today. Doomed to repeat the same fatal errors, "Time" after "Time". The World is a big Sodom and Gomorrah, like the Twin Towers of 911. How fitting the Twin Towers where taken down, just like a Biblical prophecy. Is that why they were taken down, to keep the Biblical prophecies in line? The big fix can go anywhere it wants too, with just a few key figures in place at anytime. In the end, are the Jews the sacrificial lamb, who is feed an keep alive only to be sacrificed in the end? That's how the Christians view it, keep Israel strong only to have it destroyed, in the end of "Time's"? Like the story of the Mayan ball game, the loser is sacrificed, to appease the "God's"? You can't even prove the Christian Bible is correct, but a World that's dominated and divided by it's presents. What would Jesus do if he saw, what was being done in his name? My guess would be, wipe out all the Christians, for all the killing in his name. Revenge is "God's", not America's to do for him, what a bunch of dumb asses. The dumb ass leaders have all of the dumb asses under control, and the few that aren't, are completely helpless, but to watch. Like the line, just another fucking observer. On the side lines, watching all the insanity go by. bye

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