Saturday, January 12, 2008

"America the Mental Backwater"

Read today where Bush said the troops levels are not going to be being reduced, because of lack of success. Think about that statement, in other words total failure on the military to succeed at any thing in Iraq. Like I've said before only the ignorant become lifers in the Military. Same people where failures on the out side and found a home, in the job of killing, only lower forms of humans. America is such a backwards country, no successes on any fronts, health, inflation, oil prices, environment and on and on. Recent polls from Europe show Bush and his people are liked by less that 10 % of the population. Also blame the unrest in the World on Americas meddling in everyone affairs. Feel like the Europeans, trying to separate my self from the Americans, I'm not one of these dumb fucks, things. The Bush years have been a total failure and the America people simply ride along with there collective heads up their asses. Support the troops bull shit, never let them stop fighting for "God" only knows what. Bush telling the troops their making America a safe place to live, safe from what. The dumb fuck can't do anything correct. The Bush and his handlers are still trying to convince Americans, that Iran is coming after America. With what, speed boats and centrifuges? The Jews can defend them self's, kind of, their a mess of a little country anyway, another backwater of intelligences. The chosen people they call them self's, nobody else in the World cares. The Jews and the American government like giving them self's cute little titles. Land of the free, the chosen people, then act like the rest of the World cares. Ignorant people find each other, then set around an tell each other how smart they are. They are spraying the fuck out of the skies today, notice on clear days they don't do it. Good day to do it, got the clones sitting around their TV watching football. This stuff used to depress me, now I realize I'm above it all, by simply noticing whats going on around me. A leg up, not a clone, as my sons would call them. I'll look, think and act just the way you want me to syndrome, so I don't feel out of place. Then teach the clones to make fun of anyone not just like them self's, like the UFO thing, or Bush saying, your either with use, or against us. An the citizens of Backwater America say, yes sir, can you kill my sons and daughters in some war, sir. Backwater America not telling their citizens their are UFOs flying around. The photo I posted of a Rod was taken from near Humboldt Mountain looking south. There was a couple of Air Force fighters in the air near me when the photo was taken. I never saw it, just took random photo after climbing the hill. I saw some other photos of them on U tube for the first "Time", thought I'd show mine. The "God's" started giving me glimpse of other realities, just prior to 911, Ruth told me, it was "Time" to tell me. "God" or his workers, I guess you would say, help them that help them self's. Seek knowledge and knowledge will seek you, I believe, you could say, one man's opinion. I went from one reality to another in a few short years, totally turned my World around, from a social animal to a hermit seeking more knowledge. Your personal life is totally controlled by the environment around you. You are what you are by circumstances you encounter in day to day life. Others have to help you gain true knowledge, try as you might, you can't get their on your own. The knowledge on Earth is so limited and corrupted by human hands. Everybody on the Earth, has their own agenda of whats best for you, the be like me, they want you to be. Religious people not being very religious them self's, do as I say, not as I do religions. Americans are so brain washed, they think their ignorance is knowledge, the only knowledge they have is what the government has told them ignorance. So few seekers of knowledge, society only teaches lust for the material things of the World. bye

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