Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Eisenhower and Kennedy were Right"

Everything Eisenhower and Kennedy warned American citizens about, has now come to fruition. The dark under belly of the Beast is now upon the World. The Beast only knows control, torture and death. Look in Cheney's eye's, you can see it quite well. Bush is only the drunken mouth of the beast. A fool's, fool you could say, Bush always wanted to be something, look what he got. He wanted to be a success at something, he had only known failure, even if it had to be the mouth of the Beast. Bush's handlers well knowing that religion was meant to control the masses, used it well. Hillary can't wait to have her turn, to some how repay all men for the way Bill used her. Pretty women don't run for office, only the ugly ones seek power. Hillary must of been some kind of father figure to Bill, for never having a father to teach him any morals. He married a man with tits, the body of a line backer, short legs long torso. Who will slay the beast, the "Alien's"? So few even know the Beast walks with them, it's their government. No way to get the citizens educated now, the Beast controls the school system. The Beast poison the citizens food, keeping them to fat and weak to notice. All the chemicals in the fast food diet the Beast has given the citizens, keeps them ignorant. The Beast does not eat the citizens diet of chemical, processed flour and sugar. The good life will eventually kill the Beast, but another waits their turn at total power. With out a "God", the Beast has to answer to no one, but himself. Bush, Cheney and their handlers have no "God" to answer to. Their "God" is only greed and short life in power. Living always in fear someone is more ruthless than them, will eat them. Once you get to the top of the pole, someone is always behind you, wanting your place. Kennedy speech about he underbelly of government taking control, got him killed. Eisenhower only brought it up as he was living power, the Beast had created him during WWII. He already knew the Beast existed, must have felt some guilt feelings as he left office. Him and Kennedy warned America, but no one cared to listen, now look what you have. Total control with no way and no one to reverse things in today's society. The smart ones can only look on in despair. Added a link to to my blog, it was sent to me by a UFO investigator friend. George Carlin was the perfect set up man to get the mood going. A lot of the things I've been trying to get across are in it. The only hope is, these kinds of open, truthful types of media will reach more and more people as "Time" move along. Yesterday was a perfect example of the Beast, most people inside watching the Beast's football games, while the Beast is spraying the air with chemicals out side. Noticed that the Air National Guard helicopters don't fly on days their spraying. I don't believe lower level personnel even know what is going on. When I was in the Navy, no one said squat about the Flying Tiger Airlines aircraft parked in the corner of the base, at Barber's Point NAS. What kinds of drugs where they bringing back from Vietnam? Drugs and the Beast go hand in hand, to finance it's other endeavors. That why pot wouldn't ever be legalized. What about all the opium in Afghanistan, who's controlling it now, the military? To move into the age of Aquarius, does the Beast have to be killed, by a force from the outside? As 2012 approaches, what changes will occur to enable a "Time" of peace? This Beast can't live in a "Time" of peace, where does the Beast and it's followers go? Religion was created to control the masses, but where did the teaching come from? Who handed down the basic rules of a peaceful humanity? Like a dog chasing it's own tail, around and around we go. When Bush said everyone will be dead, was that the Beast and it's followers? When Earth aligns with the center of the Milky Way, do only the bad die, and the good move on into the Age of Aquarius? That seems only fair, the meek will inherit the Earth? How do all the UFO's flying over heads, where do they fit into this? Did they arrive to witness mankinds distruction? Ike and John were right, but where does America go now, while the rest of the World and "God" know what else watches. bye

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