Monday, January 14, 2008

"Will Power"

Will power is a thing of the past, will power is being humble. Will Power starts with taking less, eating less, not submitting to your every whim. It take will power to be different, to take the high road, not the low road of self indulgence. Just can't find that in the World now, the only people that don't take more are the ones that can't. The Hippie generation tried it, an failed miserable at it. If the Mayans are rite, the only survivors of 2012 will be the ones with, will power. The humble, the meek, as in the Christian Bible. Haven't meet one Christian that fits into that category, don't look good for the Christians from this side of the fence. Humble an Christianity are two words that don' t go together, the two are Yen, Yang from one another. Never meet a Christian with the Will Power to follow all ten commandment correctly. Will Power is living spiritually, not religiously, not needing a group of same thinker telling you your cool. Being spiritually, is not needing to be part of a pack of dogs, you can stand on your rock, that you. The easy road is to go out a join some order of religion. Church members love pointing their grubby finger at others saying, your going to hell, an I'm not. The Christian Pagans following their cross onto war. Will Power is mind over matter, an example, put your hands an feet together while standing. Finger tips and heals touching, head straight forward, start by pushing to the sky. Soon the pain will start, as you start to shake, tell your self your not in pain, the pain will go away. You'll feel your body lifting up towards the sky. Get good at it and you'll start to come off the ground. I believe you complete the circle of energy that flows through your body naturally anyway. As you age you need to work on this core strength muscles. It's as simple as a Tesla coil, making the energy stronger by use of a coil. It will take will power to go through the pain levels, but you'll notice soon how more vertical you start walking. You'll feel almost lite on your feet, blood flowing. Once you pass through the pain, you'll feel giggly and reach a mental state like a runner. Self improvement can only be acquired through mental pain, no easy way to improve your state of mind. You need to push the envelope of knowledge, it takes will power to get up an do it. Now some interesting facts how the Bible an the Egyptian Book of the Dead are so similar. The Book of the Dead was a funeral text that was put in each persons coffin at death. It's true name was, Book of the Coming or Going Forth by Day. It was a set of instructions for the after life. Just like in the Bible, at death you are called before "God" to decide if you where worthy of the after live, or just tossed back into darkness. Meaning if you fail here in this life your done, bang your life's journey was completed, you failed at the first step. If you pass the test of this life, you became a "God", sharing the Universe with other "God's". Didn't Jesus say, you could attain a level of "Godliness" if you followed his path? The Egyptians had well over a hundred commandments to live by, where as the Christians had only ten. Funny how the Christians would call the Egyptians beliefs Paganism, while most of the text is taken from it, except the story of Jesus. The Christians have no will power to get more knowledge, instead just accepting what is told them. Christianity takes no will power, just do as your told, and don't act any other way, but the way your told. You don't want to be different, that would take Will Power. bye

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