Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Even Texas has UFOs"

Walked into to a supply house to get some polishing materials, when the owner says to me, even Texas has UFOs. Funny because he had made fun of my believe in UFOs and he didn't. I always remind him, the percentage that don't believe in UFOs, was the same percentage the believed what Bush says, then ask him if he's from Texas. Now with Bush and his eight years of failure, people will equate Texans as ignorant drunks. Forgot about Geronimo's skull and the Skull and Cross Bones Society, what a bright man, hey. Saw video of China's first UFO filming on Yahoo this morning. Strange Texas and China UFO videos with in a day or so of each other, even backward industrialized areas have UFOs now. What are the Chinese people going to do when the UFO phenomenon hit there home land. Talk about your repressed people, what happens when the sky light up "Alien's"? The crop circles have now become fantastic works of art, that the photos need to be placed in the Worlds finest art galleries. This truly no game now, much more is going on behind the scenes. No humans are doing the elaborate types. See where other humans are trying to replicate the designs. This is surely all part of the cover up between the US and British governments. You know how it is when you live in a free and open societies, they don't hide anything, but the truth. A great video is on U Tube now with, Study Crop Circles from outer space, 540 photos. Still hard to believe on one hand you have a primitive war going on, then on the other hand you have these incredible Crop Circles being created, now all over the World. Something has to give, how much longer can the World stay this ignorant and backward? People that want to control life on earth, are soon to be forgotten. Like a phase in a cycle that has many phases. Still can't get a grip on that thinking, what kind of sick person needs that to survive? If your not on a spiritual trip to try and better ones self, then what is the alternative? A quick sort run at personal wealth and power, then bang, gone from the Universe? The Bush's and Clinton's have surely adopted this path, but then again there just some lower forms of humans. If a person needs to be in the spot light constantly, you've already have a problem. Do you need this type personality running your life? Great show on PBS last night about the Kennedy assassination. Almost forty years latter, and no one still knows for sure who killed JFK. Only thing for sure is, Oswald didn't. Kennedy's speech about the sick underbelly of government sure didn't help his cause, throw in the Bay of Pigs. Now your a dead man, he talked of what he witnessed in government, and the underbelly killed him. Why is there an underbelly, is this just the make up of mankind? The World is what it is, not a thought of kindness, on any level? Does this always happens, then the planet is washed clean, every 5200 years, when the "Alien's" return. Imagine looking down on the bull shit from above, looking into Cheney's eyes when your light years ahead in intelligence. If their is such a thing as a aura, can't imagine what Bush, Cheney's and their handlers aura's would look like from above? Kennedy was surely the last true independent President, from then on the underbelly took over all elections, The good ones always die young, didn't the song say, and now you have UFOs in Texas. bye

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