Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Just Who All is Down Here"

With all the strangeness in the World now days, you gotta wonder who all is down here. All the different type of UFO crafts, Rods, Creatures walking an flying around. More than one type of Rod now has been identified. Walking and flying Creatures being seen, make you wonder what is about to happen. Something is in the air, you can feel it, you can smell it. Strange physical things happening to me and one of my sons. Another son and I see a flying saucer together, coming back from the Hopi reservation. Another friend and I now have a "C" on our backs, just whats going on? Are the Earthling mere cattle, who's experiment is this. The Crop Circles have gotten incredible lately, as if a contest amongst the "Alien's". Now these incredibly cloud photo being seen U tube. You can't go out side any more, without looking up to see what new. Seems like it all started with a few simple crop circles. More an more sighting almost daily now, with the government saying nothing happening. Like a friend said, have a UFO sighting and now they want to make you out like your crazy. Soon it will be, if you haven't seen one, your on the outs. How much longer can the government keep the lie going. Seems the "Alien's" are trying to let mankind know that art will be the future of the Planet, not constant waring. You would think that this generation or model of make kind was also a failure, for the most part. Were the good souls and the free thinker from another dimension, and dropped off to experience this realm? Are all the "Alien's" coming to witness the end of this cycle? Well today, one of the brothers passed. His cycle had come to an end, what lies ahead on his travels. Death remind me of a Bernie Taupin, and Elton John song about the death of an Indian in America. I took a Blue Canoe and which road am I on. Your fork in the road, to move on or just, well just what. Good luck on your path in the after life, you had a good life here. Like you told me as a child, Shut Up and Ride, you where so correct. They gave you a second peek, did you really want it. "God" bless maybe I'll see you again. bye

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