Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Ready Set Go"

Armageddon being readied by Israel and America, "Ready Set Go". The dumb ass Jews are trying to provocate Iran with a nuclear attack on it's nuclear facilities. Already having trouble on borders to the west and north of them self's, now want to start a fight with Iran on the east side. They think they can determine who has nuclear power in the area. While this is going on, Bush is selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia to be used against the Jews. America has gone mad, not a bit of sent to whats going on. Then Bush saying he wants peace in the middle east, so he can say, he did one thing right in eight years. The World Military Complex doesn't want peace in the middle East, and that's who Bush works for. There hasn't been a president since JFK that tried to help the citizens of America. All the presidents have been actor on a stage, built by the people that control them. What happen if Israel bombs Iran with America equipment? Do all the Arab neighbours attack Israel and set of Armageddon. Does Israel start launching nuclear weapons at all there neighbours. The only claim Israel has to the land is based on religious doctrine, while the Arabs are simple from the area. It's as if one day I started a religion an stated in my Bible from "God", my followers were to receive Baja Mexico and America was suppose to help me militarily do it. What an absolute bunch of nonsense all this makes, to whats happening in the Middle East. All based on what, a few words in a book no one can really prove is based on divine intervention. The state of Israel is a mere military base for America, if Israel is attack from all side, where are the American soldiers coming from to help the Jews? The only option is nuclear, an there you have it, Armageddon. An the ignorant Americans are lead down the garden path, while inflation sky rockets up. It's so hard to watch this crap go on from the sidelines and unable to help. The system keep ratcheting thing up so they can steal more from the citizens of the World. How much wealth does one need, makes no sense, wouldn't a person what to be know for their good deeds at death, instead, the dude had a little of money and got to fuck several pretty women. (whores) It's like the World is at the starting gate of a race, that leads to a quick ending. looks like all the moral in the the World have been abandoned or where never their. America trying to fulfill the profits from from a book that can't be proven to be truly divine. Only the Bible has a Armageddon in the Middle East, so why is this going on in the Middle East? All just a bunch of made up bull shit to control the Christians, Jews and Muslims. No other religions are caught up in the lie, only the ignorant followers of the three religions fighting. The same ignorant people who start laughing when UFOs are brought up. People that are in total control, by others words, never researching to see if what their told is true. The people who's only knowledge comes from church, TV, or their government. To lazy to find out anything more than what their told. Like the bumper sticker I saw today on a good old boys truck, 'down with terrorist'. What the hell does that mean, when your living in south Scottsdale. Like Arab terrorist are just around the corner or something. Here you should be more worried about the Mexican criminals coming across the boarder. Just arrested a Mexican national in Chandler, for multiple rapes of children. He had been deported twice for other criminal act, he just simple came back across the boarder. Bush and his people, have people more scared of Muslim than trying to protect Americas boarders. The only way to get harmed by a Muslim is to go to them, Israel, Iraq, etc., The odds of even getting in a car wreck with a Muslim, let alone a Muslim terrorist is miniscule. Yet here America is lead into darkness, by only a few in the right places. Ready Set Go, as America is lead into becoming a third World country by its leaders. bye

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