Friday, January 18, 2008

"Is Iraq a Weapons Test Bed, Where's Rumsfeld"?

A friend once told me, America goes to war when it whats to test new weapons system. This same friend says, the "Alien's" only put mankind on Earth to watch him war. Pretty hard to test new weapons systems when your going door to door to do battle. The "Alien's" give mankind a little religion, an away you go, my "God" is better than your "God" syndrome. What kinds of chemical are going into the soldiers bodies for some future test. What kinds of weapons are being tested in door to door combat. Saw where the Army an the Marine were retraining their soldiers for this new World Order type of combat. No need to build more nuclear weapons, no one to use them on. Will Americas citizens one day wake up and realize they have been lied to, and go to the streets, like the sixties? Is the military already preparing for this eventuality, with lessons learned in Iraqi streets? Someday America will wake up and see just how much they have been lied to. Will this be a type of civil war, where the citizens try an take back their own country, from the federal government. They have had their own way with the citizen for so long, will they'll put up a fight of brother against brother? No president can take the task on of returning America back to it's true owners, the citizens. The presidents are picked by the system anyway, their just puppets in someone Else's hands. Bush sure as hell didn't get to be president, based on is own ignorant abilities. Others made Bush's dumb ass president, nothing he could of done with his abilities, to make himself president. Where are Bush's cronies, Rumsfeld , Libby, Roe and others now? They helped put America in this mess, why aren't they heroes for being so smart for going into Afghanistan and Iraq. They all claimed to be so fucking all knowing then. Where are they, shouldn't they be building monuments to their great brains and futuristic thinking? On NPR radio this morning they were talking now like America will be in Iraq for at least another ten years, what happen to the citizens of Iraq? What happened to a country, where civilization started? Good old America, running other countries affairs, while their citizens back home are brainwashed. Al this going on in the name of Jesus, but truly for oil profits for the few super wealthy Americans. Talk America into having their children die, so they could line their own greedy pockets. All this is quite hard to believe, how truly gullible Americas citizens are. All the television network programs are getting to be unwatchable, with all the subtle propaganda. Only shows worth watching are the game shows, their you can learn a little trivia at least. They now all seem to have that raw, raw support the troops no matter what danger American military leaders put them in. Forget about how many tours in a combat zone they've been in, just keep the propaganda going, Americans are so ignorant, they'll never notice. The government treat their citizens, like it's a shell game constantly, where's the pea. What happened to McCain's arms, where the writers of King of the Hill, mocking him with the grandfather character? Will the new leaders have the balls to bring Bush and his gang of murders to justice, fuck no, their part of the same system that got America here. The whole system of constant lying to the citizens via the media, is to well in trenched to be stopped. Here in Arizona, you can only register to vote if your either Democrat or Republican. The only way to change the system is to register one or the other then write a candidate in, is this freedom? Of course Arizona has always been a backwater hick kind of place anyway. Look at all the governors that have been chased out of office, not to mention Sheriff Joe. This place has a way of attracting people from some place else, because they failed their. The same reason you get involved in politics, you where a failure at public life, let the government take care of me, bull shit. Got to go now, see if there are any new crop circles, or UFO picture coming out this evening. Things are getting real interesting now, how much longer can the government keep the lie going? bye

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