Saturday, January 19, 2008

"As Soon as You Think You Know Something"

Been using the term Yen Yang for about forty years, and then bang. Had to learn from a game show it's Yin Yang, why didn't my bitching spell checker catch that? Each year you realize what you knew the year before, now has to be up dated with new knowledge, those that build defence barriers around old ideas are doomed to failure. Like Hubble photographs, always something new. Talking to my Martian bud today about an old Bat Man episode or movie called, "Bat Man Begins". He told me about an show where Bat Man is fighting a secret society, that wipes out mankind when he reaches a level of decadence. Talk about a subliminal message, how did the author know this. Who or what told him, about the "Alien's", or was it about Sodom and Gomorrah? All the old tales hold more truth than most of whats being written in modern "Time's". The system discouraging knowledge from the past, so their propaganda will be only knowledge to be heard. Who was that secret society in Bat Man, the Masons, the military, the "Alien's"? I'm betting on the "Ant People", and the return of the good people to underworld. So the Earth can be cleansed of the decadent takers. The progression of mankind's development, like Mud Man to today's mankind. Two steps forward, one back, crawling before you walk. Mankind always seems to fall into the same cycle of failure. Gains knowledge, but gets dirty along the way, like childhood, don't do that anymore, that hurts when I do that. Maybe it's the collective conscience of all mankind, like a fight of birds turning at the exact moment in flight. Or is all human life a, one on yourself, your struggles with your personal desires? The Bat Man episode shows, how mankind can save himself from this fate, by being good. Exactly as the Mayans have it, and I'm sure many ancient writing on the subject. Like the story of Santa Claus and lump of coal, if your not good. I call the crop circle or picture of the angry "Alien" face, looking down, Santa Claus. Does the lump of coal represent the death of your chances to advance to a higher level of consciousness? Back to where you started as a carbon based living being, with out a soul? If Santa Claus is all knowing of what you do, this would just make sense. He gave you a place to learn and grow, then you wasted it on lust. The old, take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. It all her for you to try and reach the next level, like Yin Yang, it's up to to you to chose a path. Trying learning, of just lusting after the personal desires you carry with you. People in power have abandon the idea of maybe there is a real after life. They are the ones who have chosen the moment. Like the picture of drunken Bush, dancing with the Saudi ruler, with gold chains all around his neck. Does he have the same fate as the humble man trying to be spiritual? Bush spiting the Americans with his gold chains, while they pay three dollars a gallon for gas. Bush looking like weak old washed up American president, in the order of thing today. The good life taking him to his knees, selling his soul for the moment, while America kills the children of other countries, in the name of Jesus. Talking to some people the other day, about how hard it is to say your America. Not much to be proud these days, what has America done lately to be proud of. While a bunch of whores are running around wanting to become president, making promises they can't possibly keep. Sad part, people are believing them while they lie to them, and take money, just like the church does. A Santa Claus willing to impart gifts on you for your goodness, not a Saudi prince with gold because you have sold your own people out. How much does America have to see before they wake up, they won't see any of it, their to busy chasing they own personal lust. Just as soon as you think you know something, "God" rips the carpet out from under you. How many "Times" in your life has that happened to you, you think you got a leg up and bang, a little reminder from "God" who you really are. "Time" soon to see who realy knows what, everybody is in this hand poker. bye

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