Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Diminishing Returns"

Listening a little to the Sunday morning quarterback talk show on CBS and heard that one of the war generals had loaned his name to a fund raising group that paid him $100,000. They used his name to raise money for war veterans, then keep most of the money. Typical fashion of one of my called, lower forms of human. You can't be a general and have any kind of a soul, the math don't work. Talking to a friend about the 2012 an alignment of the Earth's solar system to the center of the Milky Way. He's quite the astronomer and said that's imposable because of so much stuff as he called it, between the the Earths Solar system and the center of the Milky Way. You would never have a clear shot. Asked how far out are we from the center of the Milky Way to the edge of our local universe, he said two-thirds of the way out. Not the youngest or the oldest solar system, so how could we be the only one with a life form? Maybe the only carbon based life form, in the universe? I guess, doubt any Earthling would know, except a Christian Minister, they seem to be all knowing. The food industry is killing America off with cancers from the Chemical laden foods. Beta Carotene comes from carrots, but the food industry now wants to some how now, give that to you through chemical additives, damn just eat a carrot. Instead of just adding fresh Garlic to your food, the food industry wants to give you a pill for that. Instead of letting cancer sufferers smoke pot, Drug companies want to give them a pill with their type THC to help them eat. No money, for all the General Mills of the World, if you just become a vegetarian and eat fresh foods. When you shop, stay to the edges, not the middle where the processed foods are. Stop eating any meats, and help save the Planet in many ways, but now one listens to me, not even my kids. You watch Survivor on the TV and their always waiting to win a contest to get some meat protein. Funny when their surrounded by vegetable proteins in the Forrest that surrounds them. The Indians of the southwest were mainly vegetarians, long before corn was given to them from the "God's". If you can live off a desert environment you can live off any type of vegetation given mankind. When the "Hopi" started killing the animals in the First World, it got them wiped out, guess you could call that, getting decedent with Mother Nature. Animal flesh, the forbidden fruit, just like in Genesis. Look at Bush and his handlers, got to have become decedent to the Law's of Mother Nature. Gays and lesbian have become decedent to the Law's of Mother Nature, your only reason here is for procreation and your spiritual development. Your never above your environment, you are only a small part of it. How much energy will it take to save the environment, is it now to the point of Diminishing Returns? Or is the gig up, how do you get to the age of Aquarius, with a bunch of soulless bastard killing the environment? The government caught changing environmental studies, to their own good. Will anything truly change with a new administration in place, or just the same old bull shit, with a new face? They should let families like Pat Tillman's, have say about how war is conducted, and when to go to war. Let the people who suffered the most have a say, not the ones who have sacrificed nothing, like the politicians. The World is now truly to the point of Diminishing Returns, you can't turn the clock backwards. Just some mindless games being played out to the end. America has turned into land of the cancers, from their bodies, religions and their politics. You live your life trusting the system and it has failed you in every way. You go through life waiting to only now days end up dieing a horrible slow death from cancer. Still can't believe no ones noticing but me. People like me have been branded by the system as some kind of coot. Drowning out any honest words, to keep control of the masses. Soon the system will turn all the citizens of Stephenville Texas as those strange people from Texas, watch it happen. The media will turn on it's own people, not believing in the Karma that will eventually get them. I need to find some happy things to write home about soon. Never started writing for this to happen, but you can only write down the thing you read and see daily. This Planet is not a very happy place since Bush and his gang of thieves arrived. Maybe it was always there, they just weren't very good at hiding it from the public eye, or I just started looking. 911 was the breaking point, when you see just what the government will do to control the masses. Murder and corruption seemingly out in the open, for those who want to see it. "Diminishing Returns", letters home. bye

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