Monday, January 21, 2008

"Nothing Means Nothing"

Get a little older, an if you have learned a few of life's nuisances, things change quickly. When nothing was nothing, now turns into, everything means everything. When you notice a leaf falling from a tree, was that moment meant for you. By noticing it and not brushing it off, have you entered a new level of conscious. The magic of life, the magic of death, realizing you have no control over any of it. Think you do with out "God's" help, your screwed, you've reach decadent. Decadent such a fitting word to describe civilization today. People are "Godless" in the World now, no one reaching out to his brother. If the "Alien's" came down and wiped New York City, or Los Vegas off the face of the Earth? People would be quick to change their ways from, decadent to humble in a heart beat. Act humble, an people act like they got a leg up on you. the act of being humble is a progression in life. As you grow an get older, you have to move towards the arts and your personal spiritual development. Moving farther away from the material World, an into a spiritual World of your future. The act of humble means you have progressed farther down the road of life, then others who are still living for the now. The decadent things in life you realize, you don't need to feel good about yourself. You new problem is, how much can you learn while your here. Keep moving forward, never get stuck on one thought, a moving target is harder to hit. Pick a idea then trying to defend it, is a losing proposition, your a standing target now. Like trying to defend Christianity or any other religion, it's a losing proposition. You are what you are today kind of experience, you are what you are today, not yesterday. Yesterday had it's meaning, today has it's meaning, like a Mayan day counter, each day has it's own name, an two days never the same. Never really thought much about the story of Santa Claus, until I had my first UFO sighting with an old female friend. Now Santa seems like a "God" figure now, with his elf helpers. The story of Santa fit perfectly with the Popul Vuh and the Urantia. "God" needed helpers on this level to get his work completed, just like Santa's helpers the elves, is that your Greys of today? Santa came from the frozen north of bright lights, just like the "Alien's" from the cold skies with the bright stars shinning. If you point out to someone the difference between Chem-Trails and a Con-Trail in the sky, the reply is, that don't mean anything. Ask someone about why their are so many different stories about UFOs, they reply, that don't mean anything. Those are the unwilling to change from the stand they have made years earlier, are lost. It's the line, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, no matter how ridiculous it sounds later. You taken you stick and made a line in the sand, by "God" I'll defend this to the end. When your learning, it should be, that's what I was yesterday, but that's not what I am today. That's why all religions are just simply dogmas. Worshipping a idol of one kind or another, the cross of Jesus, or the star of the Jews. What really is the difference from the so called heathens of Roman "Times"? The Christians ridicule the ancient ones for worshipping the Sun or the Stars, while they worship a cross of wood. Try to tell that to a Christian, his reply, that don't mean nothing. Nothing mean nothing, if it didn't come from the their Bible, which teaches them, that the World and the Universe are divine, an Everything Means Everything. bye

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