Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Plan B or Exit Stage Right"

Their really lighting up the skies today with Chem-Trail, starting to being laid down just after lunch. Their is a little front starting to move in, seems they do this often, and not on clear days. Today I noticed for the first "Time", that the National Guard helicopters were making their loops to and from Four Peaks, at the same "Time" tracks in the skies were being laid down. You think you notice a pattern and it changes. Curious where does the front move the trails to, the winds are going from, west to east today, which is typical. Ran into a airline pilot I had done some electrical work for years ago. The timing couldn't have been better, because I had to make a side trip to get a tester I had left at a friend house. First thing I asked him about was the Chem-Trails and if he had noticed them. Said to him, I knew the difference between con-trails and chem-trails, from four years in the Navy as a aircraft mechanic. He replied he knew the difference and laughed, being obvious he would know. Asked if he was told what they were, he said no, and that him an other pilots had talked about it. Then he looks me straight in the eye, to make sure I'm not lying and says, do you know what they are. I give him my take on thing, then said, NWO and what I'd read, you only know what you can find on the computer, verses in the old days of relying on the news papers and the library. Then the conversation drifted into what we both knew about the "Hopi" World, up north. Explained to him about the "Hopi" and the "Alien" connection through the story of the Ant People and "End Time's". Asked if it was true, when he was a Air Force pilot, you couldn't report UFO sightings. He replied yes and if you did they had a term for it, but he couldn't remember, just said no one wanted to get grounded for reporting it. We both learned something in a short "Time", who arranges such meeting, coincidence, my ass, divine intervention, that's what it is. It's a small World, and you have absolutely no control over, any part of it. Late night thoughts, back to Santa Cruz, back to the birth place of civilization in Iraq, that was once Samaria. Just as the Popul Vuh said would happen in the "End Time" of 2012. Once again mankind has failed, and now he will destroy himself with his own actions of lust for Worldly possessions. Noah Ark will be arriving soon to start retrieving the living two by two. No lessons learned from past mistakes, as mankind stumbles into oblivion. I swear, I'm only a witness to what passes before my eyes. People raising their children based on lies taught to them by their ministers and schools. They rejected their ancestry, and soon their children will reject them in the same way. Only waiting for them to die, to get what they think is justly theirs, for putting up with you as a child. All taught to them by the system, just like it was taught to the parent by the system. The children from all races, walking down the street with dick in hand, saying look at me I can fuck. Morals have got up and left the building, just like Elvis. No putting sand back into the, hour glass, mankind has reached mass decadence. Propaganda flowing from every pore of the system, child being taught his dads a hero for fighting in Iraq. Sorry son, your fathers a killer, not a hero, heros are parimedic and fireman. Not someone shoving a gun down someone elses throat, because he's not a Christian. Can't hardly believe how low the system can go to brainwash the citizens of America. Teaching the children to worship the killer, not freedom. An America takes it all in, like a bunch of lost sheep being lead to slaughter. Plan B didn't work, guess all one can do is, Exit stage Right. bye

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