Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Moral Decay of America"

Finally, what I've been saying since 911 is coming to the for front. Like I told my kids, once I caught you lying to me, from then on, it's are you lying to me now. Now we find out how many "Time's" Bush and his cronies have told lies over the years leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Two of the highest ranking minorities in history, have drug their races to a new low. The prisons are full of Blacks because of their lack of morals, now Powell and Rice prove why that's a fact. A chance to rise above the things said about their races, only to prove it was the correct judgement on them. Throw in the Mexican American, Attorney General Gonzales, and you have a trifecta. The line, a companies personality is predicated on the owners moral values, is shown to be so true, with the Bush, Cheney administration. Corrupt from the top down, you attract your own level of spirituality. Bush and Chaney having no spirituality, having made a deal with the Devil for a moment of glory, here on Earth, never questioning what the out come might bring. Just like they did in Iraq, never one thought of, what if, only of the moment. Haliburton and Cheney making a ton of money on the war, while America, goes bankrupt, financially and morally. For what, how many good years does Cheney have, with all his medical problems. You'd think here be more worried about settling up with "God". Another example of a Moral less bastard at the top of government. Only way to the top in America now days is by lying, I swear I didn't have sex with that women, Bill Clinton. And people wonder what happened to Americas moral, starting to doubt it ever had any, look at past history. Now that's it's proven Bush and his cronies lied leading up the Iraq, when did he ever start telling the truth, starting with his election and 911. Why did that third building fall, and why did they want it to fall, is it that number three. Ask most people why the third building fell, you get the same line the propaganda machine put out the day after. It was the force of the other two buildings falling, listen to that statement, are you dumb enough to believe that. They why didn't the force of that building fall cause a smaller building near it to fall, like dominoes. They expect you to buy that with the third building, what incredible bull shit, well America bought it. Now the question is, are their enough moral values left in America to bring Bush and his cronies to justice? You'll never get to the people that push the buttons on moronic ass, but at least get him for being so gut less and soulless. How can this not happen, with all the death and destruction it brought to three countries. How powerless are the American citizens, any how? If nothing happens to Him and is cronies, I'll be proven right once again, the fix is in, in America, and their truly is no freedom. All the people who hate Bush and what he's done, are the same ones who hated me when I told them in the beginning, it was all just a big ass lie. Now I've been proven correct, hope I'm not correct the third "Time" if Bush and his cronies get off Scott free for lying to the American public. Cause all this pain in the World, only to escape, that just can't be in a true free democracy. Watch it happen here, who shot Kennedy? What little moral values America had, fell with those buildings, just look what has happened since. The country has fallen on it's collective asses, the Karma of the country caught up with the, tired old fat dog. America is morally bankrupt, the dollars worthless, your home value has dropped like a rock, your in two wars you can't get out of. Why don't you all, just jump up and say, support the troops, "God' bless America and pretend it's all good. That about all the morals that are left in America. While your so busy taking, your being taken for a ride by the government. The only thing that keeps the country some what a float, is the rest of the World needs it to consume. The monster has two heads, the one people are dealing with now and the one that comes to the rescue during a Worldly disaster. If the citizens could learn to control the other head, look what you'd have. Problem is the other head has a gun in it's hand, and he's pointing at the other head. So great on one hand, so Morally Decayed on the other. bye

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