Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Attention, Citizens of Stephenville Texas"

Urgent, from your trusted local government official. Citizens of Stephenville Texas, you didn't see a thing, your all nuts. Well plant some stories in the media, an make you all sound crazy, if you don't stop this nonsense. We control the citizens of America with the Christen Church, and a good fear of what "God" will do to you. We don't need you meddling in our affairs, their are no "Alien's", stop now. When the story first broke, the Navy said it had no aircraft in the area. People reported military aircraft chasing them. Stop rocking the boat, what you saw were Naval aircraft from a Naval Air Station near Fort Worth. Their the new type of aircraft, that can stop in mid air, then start flashing lights, sometimes they look like their a mile long. The only person capable of telling the truth from Texas, is G.W. Bush. We have spent millions of your dollars on your behalf studying this, they don't exist. Go have a beer and watch some football, well let you know if their is such a thing. This all brought to you by the same government that still trying to cover up the Roswell crash. Their never may have been a crash at Roswell, but the government hacked up what ever happened so bad, people now wonder. Just a few years ago, didn't the a Air Force drop some dummies out of an aircraft will silver parachute, then claimed fifty years later this what happened. Like the L.A. D.A. office in the O.J. Simpson trial. Like I've always said, you don't get get the cream of the crop in government positions. Who's lawyers made the big bucks in the O.J. fiasco, not the government prosecutors. You get the people who failed at public life, or that just want a steady check. Like the guy who came up with the idea of the dummies, no Bill Gates their. The big question is, why wait two weeks to start a cover up, the government is even getting bad at cover ups. Why didn't they just ignored like the Tillman story? No brain surgeons running the government, only cats with guns and money. If the Navy aircraft did do this, why doesn't someone ask them to duplicate this trick for the good citizens of Stephenville. Hell the Navy can organize something, sell tickets, make a ton of money. You'd think the Navy being the senior military branch, they wouldn't get drawn into this kind of bull shit. This is bull shit for the FBI and CIA, why discredit the Navy, no wonder they had no comment. The Navy knows it can't duplicate what the good citizens of Stephenville saw. You think of the Navy as the good guys, the first on the scene when their a disaster in other parts of the World. Not get caught in an impossible cover up. Like I've said many "Time's" before, soul less government employees that have sold their souls for blood money, pointing their fingers. How come none of this is brought up at congress? The military said they were the reason for the Phoenix Lights, why not just do it again and settle this once and for all. Every "Time" one of these incidents happens, why aren't they simply duplicated latter by a trust worthy government? American citizens for the most part, are just mindless souls being led around by lies. "Time" has come for people to start walking around looking up, you just might discover a whole other Universe out their. Bye PS The "Alien's" are not going away, no mater what he government says.

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