Friday, January 25, 2008


Random thoughts with nothing really to say, words into space. Starting to look like the same, Old Guard crap again with Hillary and McCain. Nothing new with these old war horses, McCain is who the generals want, you'll see soon who's really running the country. Now that the poles can't be trusted, everyone will just have to wait until election day, to see who was picked for them. Ra Ra, a waste of a lot of energy, for what purpose? I'd remembered about a UFO sighting while on a highly secured job site in Tempe. It was a day like today, with bright clear blue skies with some white puffy clouds. Pulled up after lunch, got out of my truck, checked out the skies as I always do, once you've had one UFO sighting your always looking up. Glance toward Tempe Butts to the east and their it was, clear as day, a beautiful burgundy color. We had cops with Glocks and bullet prove vests on, guarding the site. Became friends with all the cops that rotated through. Didn't take long for one to wonder up to me, I said look a UFO. Their she was, darting in and out of the clouds. Like I've said before, the "Alien's" know who's watching them. It darted in and out of the clouds for the cop, saying like hear I am, and their you are. Cop didn't hang long, said even less and headed back inside to another cop guarding the front door. Surely to tell him what we were both watching, everyone calls me the weirdo anyway, it's like Ron and his "Alien" friends. A lot of weird stuff did go on, on that job site, but we had a ton of electrical energy in a small building. Soon another employee from California pulled up, I yell come over here and see what I'm watching. It just stayed their, letting the both of us observe, moving in and out of the clouds. He goes I've got Camcorder, and runs and gets it out of car. He starts recording this incredible show being put on by the UFO, I'm telling him he can make ton money with the video. Funny thing happened, the next day the kid was gone, asked what happened to him, they replied, they needed him back in California. About a month later the kid arrived back at the job site, but wouldn't talk to me. You'd think here be nice to me, after the UFO incident. I didn't have to share the moment with him, some thanks. The building made one other person disappear, a local channels investigative reporter. A few days after 911, a local news team investigator and film crew arrived at the building. I was surprised, because of how tight security was at the building, and what went on their. Sure enough all of a sudden the reporter and his film crew where in a very secure area. Some salesman in another division got them in, talking about how the system helped after 911. My first though was, this isn't right, the people running the secured area where in shock. They let them get their interview, but I never saw the investigative on the channel again. They told everyone to watch the evening news, they would be on it. It didn't air until sometime latter. At home with the TV on but not watching waiting for the Diamondbacks, Dodgers game to come on, a friend was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers. Phone rings, it's my son yelling turn on your TV, your on television. Turn around real quick to the TV and sure enough, they I was getting all the air "Time', not he cats running the place. I just happened to be in the room doing electrical control work. Such good video my son is asking me what I'm doing. The place was so secure, in case of attack you could make the building look unoccupied. Pull the curtains, kill all the lighting, except in centain areas, no ones here. No dishes or antenias on the roof, just another building in Tempe. When I went back in on a Monday, I had to apoligize to the others for getting all the air "Time", I said, guess they like Wierdo Man. Like a Beatle song, A Day In a Life, you can't make this stuff up. bye

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