Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Dreams, the Hippie Generation Gave You"

Couple of nights ago I had the same recurring dream, I've had since childhood. It's dark into the evening, heading out to an open area with others to watch the UFOs put on a show. Not masses of people, but happy people. We would all lay down on our blankets an watch the evening show, can't find this on your TV. Great displays of vibrant colors in the skies, dazzled us, but still not knowing who the pilots were that put on the show. Thinking about the way you think about a dream you have had, and you want to return to that perfect moment. Thinking about the songs from the sixties that were written about the subject. Realizing I wasn't the only one having this dream. Listen to the words from Niel Young's song, "After the Gold Rush" and there's a good part of the dream. "The loading had begun, look at Mother Nature on the run". Right their is the "Hopi" story of the "Ant People", returning to retrieve the good people of the Earth. The Earth had been laid to waste by the greed of the people. The humble and the meek couldn't stop the greedy takers. The "Gods" being true to their words, came back and saved the few good people of the Earth. Taken away, then returned to the Earth, so all wouldn't be lost. Not all of mankind was controlled by their personal lust. "Hey Mister Space Man, won't you take me along for a ride, I promise I won't do anything wrong. No generation did more to help free the minds of the poor souls being lead around by the government. The system today has given you the band Bono, so this doesn't happen again. The lets fight aids kind of bull shit, not the the whole fucking thing is broken spiritually. Don't want to see that big old picture of reality, glaring them right in the face. The Planet is dieing, and America promotes their solders going off to war nonsense, you can't get away from that, support the troops crap. Not a massive bombardment of ways to help the environment like the drives during WWII. Where damn near everything was recycled, even the foil off chewing gum wrappers. Why can't America build an Environmental Machine, in stead of a Military Machine? Look what the Military Machine did during WWll and just turn it into saving the Planet, to easy. America is now to corrupt to do anything correct, not even the ability to cover up UFO sighting correctly. And now the system is about to give you, one of two old war horses they have under control. No more Kennedy's to get in the way, you get McCain or Hillary. Hillary does have some beady ass eyes, when you look at her face, not a very pretty women. The system should be proud of their Americans, their good followers. Is anybody out their noticing what I'm noticing, or is this just an "Alien" thing? Or would you have to be looking from the out side in? As Elvis would of said proudly, "Your caught in a trap and you can't get out", because you love your possessions to much? Just let me have my possessions government, you do your thing. Back to the start of this, the Hippies generation gave you, what you needed to know. Beatles songs, Niel Young, protest songs, recycling, environmental groups, returned to organic farming, vegetarianism, stopped Vietnam, ended the draft, families camping out, freed the Blacks and women. Could go on and on but, the system now is trying it's best to reverse all this. They just want be a military machine, with killer soldiers painted as heroes. Constantly at war with some invented enemy, you believe in, your now just clones. All lined up like ducks in a shooting barrel, but instead of bullets it's your diet and the medicines they give you. Next Sunday, you'll all watch the Supper Bowl and eat your chemical laden foods, just like your suppose to do, and Monday at work, you will all talk about it. Your clones, you didn't see it coming, your to busy guarding your Worldly possessions. Then you'll start dieing slowly around age sixty, so you can now give back all the money you have earned to the drug and medical companies, that are partnered with the food companies. You were warned by the Hippie generation, but you forgot your lessons. The hippie generation are the one that lost their roots, and their in their sixties now dieing from the system, they exposed. Sad state of affairs and I keep pointing in the air, and the same generation now laughs at me. bye

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