Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Where's Osama bin Laden, Anyone Care"?

Remember him, the reason America has two wars going on, and losing in both wars. Most of the allies in Iraq have split Dodge, now in Afghanistan, the allies have lost the will to send in troops, in a U.N. effort. America had a lot of sympathy from other countries after 911, but as "Time" move on, other countries have realized America attacked it's self. The only people in the World who don't think this, are the ignorant Americans. The Oil companies got their pipeline built, and the system got control of the opium trade. Fucked a bunch of lives up along the way, but hell, who cares. Only a handful of Americans will notice anyway, and we can counter that by having our press invent some stories, then run them as truth. We just won't hear what we don't want to hear. Like our local paper saying nothing about UFOs in Stephenville Texas, only a story involving the cover up. There never was a Bin laden lead attack on 911, that's why is family was allowed to leave the country, when all other aircraft were grounded. You couldn't warn them a head of "Time", hey were about to blame the attacks of 911 on Osama bin Laden, get out now. The Pakistan military not even looking for him, is American military really looking for him. Osama and his Al-Qaeda army, are the new America number one enemy, can't have him taken out. With Russia out of the loop, America had to invent a new threat, to keep their citizens under control. Look how good of job they have done, no attacks since, see how good they are at protecting you. The poor guy only gets press once or twice a year. What the hell is Al-Qaeda and how big is their Army, do they have an Air Force, how many ships in their Navy? None of the above, but the propaganda machine has you scared to death of an impending attack. What the hell is a dirty bomb, have any ever been used in an attack? Just how would you deliver such a weapon, could it be any worse than all the chemicals in your food and air? You tell America their skies are safe from attack, then tell them, these Al-Qaeda cats might get them, with a dirty bomb. An America says, who's in the Super Bowl this year. It is amazing how easily Americans are lead around, the older I get the more they start to scare me. Always tried to give others the benefit of not lying to me, but some how that didn't work out. How did this happen to America, where a government is incapable of a simple truth? How can the citizens of America let this go on, or have I given them more credit than they deserve? I leaned in contracting a persons word didn't have much value. Learned during the Vietnam era, the government word didn't mean much. Is America now just a fat weak society, with few if any morals. The government has no morals, thus the citizen don't either? The president and the politicians obviously have no moral, so where do you turn. If I was married, would you want to fuck my wife, would she want to fuck you? This is how I see life in America, land of the free home of the brave. The land of no honesty amongst thieves. Your minister only wants whats in your pocket, just like your government. I'm ready, someone show where I can find some of these morals at? Been looking all my life, along with trying to find your Jesus guy, to save me, like you told me as a child. I was told America was the only place capable of telling the truth to it's citizens, in the whole World, what happened to that dream? The dreams of a honest open society in America, are hiding out some where with Osama bin Laden and nobody is looking for either. bye

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