Monday, January 28, 2008

"Your Money and Gold"

The price of gold went over nine hundred dollar an ounce today, what does that mean to your dollar. It means your money is getting more and more worthless. Government spending has gone out of control and just like with the Mark during Hitler's era, they think they can just print more. Pumping money back into the economy with a tax rebate, makes no sense if you have to get the money from China and Japan with interest to do it. A Pea game, like I've been saying, which of the three cups has your Pea in it. Soon the dollar will not be used as the currency of the World, but the Euro. that bar of gold is your loaf of bread, your gallon of gas. The value of your dollar is crashing, as other countries develop a middle class. While American is losing it's middle class, with all the immigration of cheep labor from the south of the boarder. My son in law is a good example of this with the postal department. He's the last generation of the well taken care of postal worker with good benefit, good wages. The reason the system will not fix the boarders, while their worried about the boarders around Iraq, they want North America to be just one country. Trying to create a New World Order, with out money, same thing got Hitler. Keep the country constantly at war, while things deteriorate back home. No one listens, they got theirs, could care less about how big a mess they leave for their children. Whats Bush going to lie about tonight to the World, do like Condo Rice did recently, paint everything rosei? I can see in Condo eyes, the lies are starting to wear on her. The price you pay, for a moment in "Time", for power. Where are all the Bush whores going to hide in about a year? They have all told so many lies that they won't want to be in the public eye to explain them, wheres Rumsfeld thing. Come to think of it, haven't heard much from Collin Powell. So much for Black Power, rah rah go Condo, your carrying the ball for all Blacks. Great UFO video was put U Tube last night from Dubai, little by little more and more contact is being made. An like a Mayan prophecy, everyone will be looking in their crystals, (computer, TV) when all is exposed. Lately there have been a lot of predictions something is going to happen in March. Can see why the system had to get Ron Paul out of the picture, he's their worst enemy. When you think of Texans, you think of Bush and Johnson and their respective wars. Johnson's Vietnam killed him, soon after leaving office. History will tell if Afghanistan and Iraq, kill Bush? A free thinker, not under their control like Hillary and McCain. If he got elected they have to kill him, like Kennedy. Can't do that now days, to many ways to video thing, you'd get hundred different views of it from the citizens using their phones to record his every moment in public. It wouldn't be like Kennedy and only the Mcgruder film. The man actually sounds as if he has a soul, something none of the other candidates seem to have. Hillary is bitter old bitch and McCain used to kill babies from the air during Vietnam. Their the one's you'll get given to you. The Clinton's ate up the Black guy, southern white trash has no soul. In the end their won't be any fresh face in power, just some recycled trash like Cheney, Libby and on and on. Career politicians that sold their souls long ago, owe their very souls to the ones who put them in power. The way thing are going, your dollar won't have much value for long and you'll be on a gold standard. Not how many dollars do you have, how much gold are you holding. Check the price of gold each day, and see how your money has deteriorated. The system gave you Bush and Bush gave it to you right in the shorts, soul less. bye PS I learned this, because I buy so much silver for my art work.

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