Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Bush and his Handler's Failures"

Had to turn on Charlie Rose to hear what Bush had to say last night. Can't stand to listen or see Bush, my abilities to read others eyes, makes it hard to look at him. I get upset, seeing the deceit and lies in his flawed character. So much for your with us or against us, bull shit, the little piece of shit divided the country. Not one good thing has come of his seven years in office, his legacy will be of corruption and deceit. Both him and Cheney looked like broken men, what mass hatred will do to the soul, of a man. Seventy percent of Americans what out of Iraq now, yet he and his handlers keep forging along, no mater what the citizens what. Americans are power less at this point, Wake up America, this isn't freedom, this is dictatorship. Bush and his handlers drove America to it's collective knees in seven years, and will leave with a failing economy. Now Bush can stay drunk, and Cheney can just keep getting fatter, both with flawed personalities. Neither could keep their hands away from their mouths. What self worth has Bush and his handlers accomplished? What was the point of their lives, if not to have done a little to help the place out before you depart. This is the failure of most of mankind, instead of helping future generations, they just gorged them self, like character in old movies. Throwing scrapes to the dogs, the same way Bush and his handlers did to the American citizens. Fend for your self's, I got mine, fuck the future, stay out of my way. Where you going to hide when the dogs begin to smell you, as the song goes.(Eddie Vetter ?) Notice gold went up $18 in one day, yesterday on it's way to $1,000 an ounce. People here in Arizona are starting to go back to looking for gold since the prices have gone up. Their was or still is, some people panning for gold inside city of Scottsdale city limits, up by Pinnacle Peak, amongst Million dollar homes. This all going on while gas prices are declining, the two are not connected, seems like they would be. Maybe a guy I knew was right, gold and the dollar are connected? He was way wrong on what would happen in Iraq, Like at one "Time" over eighty percent of Americans where, a few years ago. See how good the propaganda machine is, duped America in to war, for no apparent reason, that's how good. If you look up the word duped in the dictionary, it perfectly describes the American citizen. "Someone who is easily manipulated or deceived, welcome America that you. Look how easily Bush and his handlers duped America into, buying into 911, and wars on two fronts. Neither war capable of being won, no country has ever occupied another successfully, what made Americans think they could? They don't think, their easily duped. They have done the exact thing to your diet and medicines. Duping America into killing themselves with cancers from their medicines, processed foods and fast foods diets. If you want to try and live organically, you'll pay through the nose to do it, it''s not cheap to eat correctly. Can really truly afford not to, pay me now or pay me latter, cancer. Soon life expectancy will start to go down from all the chemical American are digesting in the diets, not to mention, what the hell their spraying in the air. No mater who next is in power, the deed has been done, cleaning up Bush and his handler failures won't be cheap. The soul less bastards have shit all over the house, like dogs out of control with out supervision. Looking from the side lines, I had more faith in mankind, but watching America degenerate like this is sad. It's starting to appear the "Ant People" have returned, as Jesus promised, to clean up the mess from mankind once again, here we are at Santa Cruz again, bye

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