Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"How Dumb is Mankind Today"

Sometimes I wounder if mankind was once a far superior to the mankind of present "Time's". When you look at ancient building an even pathways, the construction and engineering are equal if not superior to today's method. Look at ancient stone work at places like, the Inca's of Machu Picchu, the Mayans of Yucatan Peninsula, the Egyptian Pyramids, that can't be duplicated today. Is mankind just some remnant of what he once was? Why did mankind quit progressing, instead mankind has regressed? Mankind has nuclear weapons, but can't figure out how the pyramids where built. Mankind doesn't have the metallurgy of the past. Lost Wax casting today is not as good as it was thousands of years ago. Today we still melt the metals, gold or silver, sling it in a circle to inject the molten metals into their molds. It's like modern man has to relearn everything. Like how much the Sumerians, Mayan and the Hopi, knew about astronomy. Modern man had to wait until the Hubble telescope came along, to start learning about the Universe. Bush wanted to let Hubble die in space so mankind couldn't learn from it. Keeping the citizens of America ignorant seems to be the main goal of the system. Ignorant people are easy scared and easily controlled. Organized religion has been the down fall of mankind, by keeping mankind in a constant state of war. The Christians have keep mankind from any advancement. Look what they have done through out "Time", plunder and destroy old World history, where ever they went. The Mayans, the Inca, the North American Indians, native Hawaiians, and on and on. Went in and destroyed there cultures all in the name of Jesus. You can't even prove Jesus even existed, remember it's faith based. Absolutely no way to prove it even a single word, was divine intervention. Control is the name of the game, and organized religion is it's puppet for the masses to watch dance. Individual spiritual growth, cannot be tolerated by religious fanatics, who need power over others. Their own fears, of want they believe in, forces the need to push it down everyone Else's throats, by gun point. Mankind will never start advancing until the organized religions are destroyed, and the governments that need religion to control the masses. Christianity and the Muslim both are based on converting all mankind into their way of thinking. If your not one of them, then you are to be destroyed. Why are all religious fanatics either, Christian, Muslim or Jewish? Their all controlling religions, using fear of death as a base. All three sharing the same starting point, all fighting for nothing, but control of their citizens. Could care less for their followers, their "God" is power over others. Religious followers are no more than foot soldiers, to the leaders of their religion. Look how Bush and his handlers used the Christian coalition for their own agenda. If you dumb enough to die for some religious order, their dumb enough to send you to your death for their "God". In Church on Sunday, gun in your hand on Monday. That's why mankind has stopped progressing, always at war for somebody Else's lofty ideas, look at Afghanistan and Iraq. bye PS Listening to this guy from Stephenville describe what he had seen, sounded just like a story from Ezekiel or Revelation in the Bible, think.

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