Friday, February 1, 2008

"Either God or Google ate Yesterdays BLOG"

That like number five of my Blogs that just went somewhere when I publish them. Often wonder if it's because I said something to offend the "Gods", or someone else didn't like what I had to say. Oh well I'll never know, another one of the acts of Nature. Kind of funny hearing on the news that the Air Force was flying caps over Super Bowl stadium in Glendale. I guess their scared those Al-Qaeda guys will get an Air Force between now and Sunday afternoon. What a bunch of bull shit, just got this country totally fooled. The base their flying out of is only a few miles away. Here in Arizona with all our UFO sighting, your much more likely to see a UFO than any Muslim fighter jet. All just part of the game to keep American citizens under control, and their doing a fine job in deed. Heard Clinton attacking a kid who asked him of 911 was an inside job. A chance for Bill to rise above it all, but he chose the path of lies. He sounded like one of you kids when you catch them lying, he just lost it. Talking about how evil the Al-Qaeda where to kill Muslim and other in the attacks on the twin towers. Instead of being cool, he sounded like a man covering up something. His handlers should tell that boy to shut up, Hillary the one running for president. Southern white trash won't give it up, always got to be in the lime light. Another fatherless child with a lot to prove to the World. No one to teach the child how to develop a soul, the World is just not for taking. Clinton had a chance to take out bin Laden, but didn't when he was president. Hearing Bill yell at that kid, brought it all together how deep the cover up of 911 runs. Bill Clinton is to smart to not know what was really going to happen he left office. That's why he couldn't take bin Laden out then, he was going to be the fall guy for 911. How many years before, was this all planed out? And now America has a choice of either Hillary or McCain for president, all part of the fix. The candidates with souls were eliminated by the system, and either pushed a side or just ignored. Why tell a lie, when you can tell the media to just ignore the candidates it doesn't want, look what they did to Ron Paul. Does anybody in America, really want either, but that's what the system gave you for your so called free elections. Millions of honest American, but none will ever be president, you'd have to sell your soul, most American won't thank "God". A lot of good people being taken advantage of by a few greedy soul less leaders. Why can't the Clintons just let go, you would think they were tired of making them self's look like asses in public? The Clintons look bitter, un-truth worthy and old now, but still fighting the fight. Oh well that's how thing are done in the land of the free. Sunday will be a day of military propaganda, with a little football thrown in, so the citizens won't know whats really happening to the them. Fine line between the Gladiators of Roman "Times" and what you have today. Enough on that, was watching an interview of one of the witnesses to Stephenville's UFO. I thought I was listening to a verse from Ezekiel in the Bible. There are some great description of UFO stories in Ezekiel and Revelations in the Bible. Maybe the "Alien's" will do a fly by on Super Bowl Sunday, and scare the shit out of the World while their watching the BIG game. bye

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