Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Odd Balls"

Odd Balls are the ones who gave you Internet, astronomy, proper nutrition, spiritualism, Peace, advanced math and all the great social thing in your life. Clones bring you war and destruction, with the men to do the killing and destruction. How many of the people that started the computer generation support the war effort? Don't hear Gates and other out their doing TV adds supporting the wars. Great minds are never the warriors, way above lower humans mentality. The clones are the Bush and Cheney lower forms of human thinking, I want mine now. Never a moment to listen, always right, bullies, lower forms of humans. Look at Tesla and Einstein, their was a real couple of odd balls, but look what they did. To be a great author, you need to be a bit of an odd ball, to be able to reach into the other side. Tesla and Twain where buds, they where both odd balls, not lower forms of humans. "God" made every one different for this reason, come up with new ideas, and advance mankind. The odd balls are crushed by the clones for their knowledge. Now almost everyone is a clone, walking around in some strange form of control. Everyone is drugged and duped into doing what ever everyone else is doing. Be a bit of an odd ball, you'll be scored by others. The old west is gone, no spirit of a new adventure, the hippies were the last. Now you just have clones communicating with each other with all their little hand held boxes. You see groups of people now, their all in their separate corners. Walled them self off from the out side World, in a corner tech messaging. Where as before you would have people sitting around talking to each other. The clones have been taught to fear others, with this you never know crap. Go out to the TPC for the golf tournament in north Scottsdale this week end you'll all the clones. Every one wearing a shirts, pants, caps and shoes with the company that made them, logo on it. Now you don't buy cloths you like, you need to have the correct logo to show how high up the social ladder you are. The same clones that accept chemical being added to everything the eat, drink and every breath. The clone will go to Iraq and fuck the rest of their mental life up, for the system. Got the clone walking around like human bill boards. Like I've said, their easily lead, except the odd balls, their above it. The Blacks are the worst, walking down the street with dick in hand, looking like a bill board. The Blacks had no chance again the system, they were easily fooled. The clone have tattoos now, wear baggy cloths, need the latest sneaker from Michael Jordon. Their slowly down sizing the clone income and making him feel good about it, because he has a job. Their slowly giving the clone cancer through his diet of chemical, and processed foods, while the odd ball eat correctly. This is why the system teaches the clone to attack the odd ball. The clone will gladly do this for them, he doesn't know he's suppose to be developing a soul. The odd ball exercises while the clone sit around and eats chemical filled snacks. The odd ball turns off the TV and thinks, while the clone never whats the TV off. The odd ball is the reason your watching TV. The odd ball was the thinker, not the taker. America has no need for odd balls, rocking the boat, odd balls read to much and can't be controlled. The odd ball says, get out of Iraq, the clone says, he being unpatriotic, the odd ball doesn't support the troops. The clone will galdly harrash the odd ball if asked by the system. Bring up the fact you have seen a UFO, an watch it kick in, the clone will laugh at you. The clone is always uneducated an easily lead. If the system tells him so, then it must be true. Their a good chance the clone belongs to some church, he needs to be lead. The clone doesn't read and figure things out on their own, the clones are basicly lazy. The clones got America in the mess it's in now, their just clone with more money. They think their smart, but an odd ball who never what to control others, the odd ball is above that. Clones what to control other clones, instead of trying to achive a higher sipirtual learning. The clone are running around trying to get your vote, so they can control your clone ass. Individuality is a thing of the past, a relic, to be shunned by others. Land of the Free, Home of the Clone. bye

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