Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Art for the Sake of Art"

Super Sunday, kick off 12 minutes, I'm writing words to the sky. Been spending a lot of "Time" studying Crop Circles, just fascinated by them. Looking for some secret message, counting number of circle, looking for a common pattern. Are the "Alien's" simply talking to each other, is their a contest going on, as circle get more and more sophisticated. Are they trying to leave a message for mankind, but the Worlds government keep trying to distort it with lies? What is truly going on. Added to site, one of the best collections I've seen. Seem like a lot of people spending a lot of "Time" and money now days, trying to prove of the existence of someone hear with them. Only country still left with their heads in the sand is the good old USA. Was reading where some guys from England, set up a camp site to record Crop Circle being made. What they got was two attempts by some government officials making Crop Circles to discredit them. Maybe the Crop Circles are just, art for the sake of art. Maybe no different than you drawing little pictures, while killing "Time"? Maybe trying to show mankind his days of warfare are coming to and end. And the ones who have advance in their spiritual journey to art, are the chosen ones. The ones who have gone beyond the needs of the material World. The rest are no more than lumps of coal, another type of energy, nothing more. All the plants and animals are more advanced than them. The ones who try and give to the World, not take from Mother Nature, for them self's. The Crop Circles are something big, to big just be ignored and put in a corner. This is real stuff, your not alone and not are you the top of the brain chain. Humans are simple killers of the own kind, bullies to each other, stuck in limbo, never becoming any more than what they are. One of the first things I learned from the "Hopi" on Old Oribia, was "Hopi" don't harm "Hopi", they use shoving matches to settle things. A lesson all mankind could learn from them. While the people of the rest of the World, war and killed each other, the "Hopi" lived in the ways of the "God". Isolated from the others, no wonder the "Alien's" loved then so. It took the White and their destructive ways to conquer their traditions. The Christians and the Jews, have no souls, they are of the Material World, with their huge Temples to them self's. Unlike like the "Hopi" where the Earth was the Temple, it was sacred. What could you possibly build greater than the Planet. A lot of the Crop Circle art resembles "Hopi" art, how simple, how beautiful. Gaudy isn't art, gaudy is what mankind has become, lost the simple ways. Watching Mother Nature own art work in all that lives. Mankind needs some gaudy, bigger than thou type crap. "Hopi" art represented Nature, while mankinds art represents himself, the love of him self. The old line, what glitters isn't always gold, seems to say it best. The "Alien's" use simple but compicated designs in fields of grain, that's true art. Nothing had to be distroyed that can't be regrown. That in it's self, is a great message, nothings forever. Try and move beyound self to find a greater future, stuck on self will turn you to coal. America is all about me, can't you see. Thats why it's dieing a slow death now, it never gave back, it only took from others, Karma. bye PS Just like I called it, here comes Hillary and McCain down the home stretch, you'll get what the system wants you to have.

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