Monday, February 4, 2008

"Alien's and Taker's"

Noticed over the years the takers seem to fear the "Alien's" most. When ever the subject come up, the people with the most to lose, seem to reject the idea the most. It's like, as long as they can fool their Jesus, there OK. Jesus likes them to have plenty in their minds, they think, can't deal with it now anyway, syndrome. The "Alien's" just might be to close to home to deal with, where Jesus is just someone they deal with on Sunday, when they get all dressed up and go to church. Their they are among like souls, trying to attain more. The government is a taker, take from you as long as their are all powerful. No room for the "Aliens" to be taking away their power of fear over the citizen's. Just like when you go to church, put the fear of "God" in you, they take your money. The "Aliens" what you only to take care of your Planet. Buy doing that alone you will start your Spiritual growth. Care for your Planet will lead to caring for your fellow man and helping him a long. Quit caring for your political leaders, and start putting your energy into saving the Planet. How much energy and resources has been put into the election, when in the end, a president is chosen for you. Look at all the waste in paper and billboards alone. "Time" to change the ways thing are accomplished. Have not heard one new thought from any one except maybe Ron Paul, since all this crap started. The same old rhetoric I've heard since Nixon. No one is smart enough to put the environment first, besides it won't get them elected. People only care for whats in their pockets, not what best for their true home, the Planet on which they live on. No one of them could care, to busy blasting out the same old crap. What will it take to reverse this thinking? Not a word on the Polar ice caps melting, all the mercury in the oceans, air getting worse every day. It's all just look what I'll promise you, then blame someone else when they can't deliver. The World will only start caring when it' to late, I call it, the one taco at a "Time' syndrome. Look how the government is ran, look at Iraq today, never a thought of what if. The system will give you another leader, and things will simple continue the same. The environment will come last, when it should have be first. The takers have no "Time" to clean up their home, that's how ignorant they are. The citizens are just as ignorant for not caring. People in Government will just shit all over their own selves, the lowest of the lowest forms of humans. Look at Hillary, look at McCain, do you think they really give a damn for you, or the environment? Their controlled by others and the others are takers. Just using the political process for the citizens own entertainment, let them think their a part of something. Hillary and McCain are weak souls, who need to be constantly in the spot light. They fear the "Alien" factor, factor in the "Aliens', and they have no reason for what their doing. Their takers, they fear the "Aliens", know what their doing. Power hungry people never look left or right, they just move straight ahead. Their the most ignorant ones, no one asked any one down here to play "God". Taking others lifes, with their actions, like Bush and Cheney. They act like their "God" with their limited real power. Once you have had a real UFO sighting, or encounter, then you'll know real power. Their is no real power here on Earth, it's just some back water people in the Universe. Humble is real power, when you reach a level where such things, as power over others doesn't have meaning. You can watch the lower forms from a far then, and just wonder, what could have been. Knowing you'll never change their greedy ignorant ways. Look no farther than your own president and politicians in office. To all the takers, Santa Claus will return, to give you that lump of coal, personally. Ignorance has no fears, like a three legged dog, still living near the freeway. Ignorance owes the Planet, nothing in return, for living here. America has reached this level, except a few. I guess that makes them the Chosen Ones, just like in all Bibles, and religions. Well my hope for devine intervention, didn't happen on Super Bowl Sunday, to cloudy, oh well, maybe some other day. bye PS Watch out you takers, Santa Claus, is thinking of you.

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