Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My computer didn't want to talk to me today, guess it just had to much on it's mind, or in it's memory banks, just like your brain. A friend taught me how to reboot and start all over again. Did the usual thing to reboot it, only all I got was a blue circle turning, asking me to wait. After a hour, that was enough, load it up take back to where I bought it. Wait my turn, warranty in hand, finally get up to the counter and some help. Tech turns on my computer, bang everything is fine, said to tech, what did you do, his reply, nothing. One of those things in life you wonder about, said to the tech, I guess my computer just wanted to take a ride to Tempe. Today's election are a bit of the same thing. Like your computer, elections are a "Time' to reboot, your leaders, you still have the same computer, just different faces. It's all either democratic or republicans, who all sleep together. An election is no more than a reshuffling of the cards, two through ace. The cards will never change and neither will business in Washington. Polls say McCain can bet any democratic, and America doesn't see the FIX. A total waste of human resources on nothing but a shell game, where did I hide the pea, thing. The military wins, Bush just purposed a raise in the military budget, with cut on domestic spending to pay for it. The FIX never stops running along, Americans are powerless to do anything, an they don't even care. America will never get out of Iraq and Afghanistan with McCain at the helm, the FIX. Building you a giant military to protect you from a non enemy, the FIX. A friend, thinks, it's just a giant cover to divert money to other secret projects, the FIX, who's to say he's wrong. The 911 commission report, just like the Warren report after Kennedy's assassination, the FIX. Who greets you at the door when your a freshman congressman. How many are on the take when they arrive in national office, or was that all predetermined way ahead? How deep does the FIX run, after listening to Clinton attack that kid over the 911 cover up, I could see it's just not a Bush and a few other republicans. Clinton and his people where all part of the FIX, leading up to 911 also. I could hear it in the tone of Bill's voice, I can hear right now, in my head, what a sick lower form of human. Not an ounce of social skills left in him, to many lies to cover up at this point. The tone of a word has far more meaning than the word, once you learn this ability. Just as Mayan stories always do, they set the tone of the story. Just like the Kennedy assassination, America will never really know the true story of 911, the FIX. Now go out their and kill some babies in Iraq and Afghanistan, OK sir I will, and remember kid, your a hero, the FIX. No wonder all those kids are coming back from the two wars, with their heads all fucked up. Same thing that happened after Vietnam, once the soldiers realized they had been duped. Soldiers realizing what they had done to others for no apparent reason, other than greed and power for others, the FIX. Making a bunch of kids make decisions that will effect the rest of their lives. Who lives, who dies, on a moments notice, what 18, or 19 year older should be making that decision? That's why the kids are used as human fodder, an adult would never do this for you. Fine line between them and an Iraqi kid being brain washed to carry a suicide bomb. Both are basically brain washed, Muslim's for Ali, Americans for Jesus. Because of all this nonsense, maybe 2012, will be "Time" to reboot the human race, clean out all the crap from the memory banks. America is both Spiritually and financially bankrupt, soon she'll crash of her own sins. You can already see the beginning of this process, look to your wars. Look how little your money buys today, the sins of the fathers, has begun to tear down the children. When your children are sent off to die for someone else's greed, and they volunteer, the death has begun. bye

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